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Gretsch 4x14 Birdland Snare 1950s Cadillac Green

$ 5000

Seller Notes:“Excellent(Used) condition”
Exact Year:1950
Seller Notes:“Excellent(Used) condition”

Seller Description

THE Holy Grail for Gretsch collectors. This 1950s Gretsch 4x14 3-ply Birdland Snare in Cadillac Green with Gold Hardware and cast Stick Chopper hoops. Throw-off and muffler in perfect working condition. This drum is all original other than the drumheads and snares.
Own, play, and be inspired by a piece of history! Excellent condition given its age.

Item Information

Item ID: 677
Sale price: $ 5000
location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 13.09.2021
Views: 1

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Gretsch 4x14 Birdland Snare 1950s Cadillac Green
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