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Gretsch Brooklyn 4pc Euro Drum Set Satin Cherry Red

$ 2589

Condition:Open box
UPC:Does not apply
Type:Shell Pack
Country of Manufacture:United States
For Instrument:Percussion
Seller Notes:“The instrument may be factory-sealed, or it may have been removed from its original packaging and professionally tuned/lightly demoed, which may result in some stick marks and/or fingerprints. The item also may be re-packaged simply due to sub-standard or damaged original packaging.”

Seller Description

Drum Of Center
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Gretsch Brooklyn 4pc Euro Drum Set Satin Cherry Red
Gretsch Brooklyn Series drums are proudly hand-crafted in their Ridgeland, SC, USA factory. This 4-piece shell pack in Satin Ice Blue Metallic finish produces tone that is immediately recognizable, yet distinctively reinvented. Brooklyn drums feature 6-ply North American maple/poplar shells and are slightly thicker than Gretsch's USA Custom Drums and have a 30-degree bearing edge. The inside of these shells are finished with Gretsch Silver Sealer. Each shell comes with a distinctive Brooklyn internal shell label that identifies the drum shell model number and serial number. The toms feature classic 3mm, double flanged Gretsch "302" hoops. Brooklyn delivers classic Gretsch tones that are full, punchy and warm, yet slightly more open and satisfyingly ambient. If the USA Custom line isn't quite your cup of tea, give the Brooklyn Series a shot. Shell sizes are: 18x22 bass drum without mount, 10x7 and 12x8 toms with mount, 16x14 floor tom. You can only get this particular configuration at the Drum Center of Portsmouth!
We have a video demonstration of this product here:
Drum Set Format: Shell Pack
Bass Drum Size:
Snare Drum Size: (If Applicable): Snare Drum Sold Separately
Tom Sizes: 10x7 12x8 16x14
Mounting Hardware: Mounting Hardware Included
At Drum Center of Portsmouth, its important to us that you get the products that are right for your needs. We truly believe that a strong relationship with a well respected retailer is one of the most valuable tools a drummer can have in his arsenal.
About Us Drum Center of Portsmouth is one of the highest regarded dealers of high end custom drums and boutique cymbals. Each member of our staff is not just a drummer,but experts in product knowledge and anticipating a drummer's needs. Focusing on new and used high end drum gear,Drum Center of Portsmouth also specializes in closeout,scratch and dent,and B-Stock drums and cymbals at dramatically reduced pricing to accommodate any drummers budget. Drum Center of Portsmouth offers competitive pricing on the latest drum gear,but backs it up with value added buyer experience like service,free drum tuning advice,drum video demos,drum clinics,and free shipping on many items. Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth,our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums,drum sets,and cymbals,but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients. Payment
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Item Information

Item ID: 731
Sale price: $ 2589
location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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Gretsch Brooklyn 4pc Euro Drum Set Satin Cherry Red
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