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Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar, Savannah Sunset

$ 499

MPN:271-4022-522, 2714022522
Body Material:Mahogany
String Configuration:6 String
Body Type:Solid
Guitar Finish:Red
Type:Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Model / Series:Rancher
Strings:6 String

Seller Description

Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar, Rosewood Fretboard, Savannah SunsetSKU: GR[hidden information]Mfr. Part: [hidden information]
Item IncludesGretsch G5022CE Rancher Jumbo Cutaway Acoustic Electric Guitar - Gretsch 1 Year Limited Warranty

Item Information

Item ID: 2383
Sale price: $ 499
location: Elizabeth, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 2.10.2021
Views: 0

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Gretsch G5022CE Rancher Jumbo Acoustic Electric Guitar, Savannah Sunset
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