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Hammond organ K-112 parts legs parts

$ 29

 for Sale

MPN:Does Not Apply
Seller Notes:“used”

Seller Description

use pc for pictures
Jet 7 pride mobility chair Arm rest parts
Jet 7 pride mobility chair Arm rest parts
just in case your dog ate your legs , will have to cut square and glue onto yours  .  Here is the utube link showing the organ worked before I tore it aprt you will have to copy and paste to do this      . Keep in mind I have a weld shop , I drink , I smoke and I have dogs , so some parts are dirty . 
Most of my description is in my pictures , please look at them and compare what you are replacing . I sell used parts I only know what I took them off of , not if they had been replaced before with something else . So look at the pictures and compare to yours !
wait till I can invoice you please !  Now I pay extra so you can super size pictures , please use that function , I do the best I can pointing out bad spots , so please don't bid  off one picture , if you have questions ask I will try to answer them , try not to use a phone for looking at pictures . 
,I use the shipping calculator for shipping , I do not use USPS , ever filed a claim with the goverment ?  So please don't whine about the cost after the fact . I f you think I have made some gross mistake let me know before auction end , some items, there is a larger handling fee because it take longer to box , put the two prices together and if it more than you want to spend just pass , instead of coping a attidude on just the shipping .
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I offer pay pal as an option on items ending price being below $200 including shipping and handling to confirmed address only . when the item gets up into the hundreds PP or credit card in really no longer an option they charge me about 4% to acept your $ . . Auctions will be paid within 10 days of sale , or there will be a non paying bidder alert filed , and at that time the item will be relisted .Please include your phone number for shipping it is a requirement .
!U.S shipping ,small items go out by ups calculator . If you are from Alaska or Hawaii please state this , if asking for shipping quote . We don't ship to P.O boxes unless it will fit in a standard size mailbox , And if I have to go to the post office to ship something to a P.O. box, there will be a Twenty dollar charge for that . Insurance , if you want insuranse for more than $100 please ask . We will send out truck shipments to business address with forklift .that means heavy items over 150# .Please include your PHONE NUMBER for shipping .Shipping is variable due to size of package and weight .i DO NOT GIVE OUT TRACKING N.O.s AT THIS TIME ,It takes up too much time .I use used packing materials to save you on shipping .Sales tax must be paid if picking item up or shipped in minnsota!
Terms of Sale
Item is usually shipped within three days of payment, or twice a week . If it is a rush item please tell me, I am only one person and can only do so many things in a day . The shipping calculator may be off so please wait until you receive a invoice before you try to pay . Some things i sell are hard to figure box size and weight until they are boxed .
About Us
winning bidder assumes all risk and liability with respect to purchase of the item .
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Please ask questions , i will try to answer them . I will gladly take an item back with a full refund if the item was not reasonably described in the add , refund must be asked for within 7 days of recieving package . Buyer is responsible for return charges , unless it is my mistake and I want the item returned , I will work with you .Returned items must include the original box and paper work . If damage occures during shipping you must notify me immediately so I can file a claim and the box it came in must be saved for insurance . Truck freight items make sure you know what you are bidding on there will be no refunds on truck freight .
Contact Us
Email is the best to contact me , Monday through sunday. I will answer your mail or call as soon as possible .I sell used stuff , there is no warranty on anything that is used , and if it breaks after you recieve it I will not be held resposible for any damages that might occur in it's useage .
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Item Information

Item ID: 2818
Sale price: $ 29
location: Austin, Minnesota, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
Views: 2

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Hammond organ K-112 parts legs parts
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