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Hollywood Boxwood 4/4 Violin Chinrest with Nickel-Plated Standard Bracket

$ 19

MPN:Does not apply
For Instrument:Violin
Brand:Johnson string instrument
ISBN:Does not apply
Type:Chin Rest
Model:Does not apply
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Hollywood Boxwood 4/4 Violin Chinrest with Nickel-Plated Standard BracketThis beautifully crafted Hollywood-style chinrest fits 4/4 Violins, is made from select Boxwood, and uses a Nickel-Plated Standard Bracket.Hollywood StyleCrafted from the Finest BoxwoodNickel-Plated Standard BracketSide MountFits 4/4 ViolinsHigh Quality!We carry hundreds of chinrests....if you don't see the particular style, wood, bracket, or size that you're looking for please contact us, we probably have it in stock!CHVNHOLBOST_DWe are Johnson String Instrument, a family owned and operated business that has served the string instrument community since 1976. We are committed to offering you the best products with outstanding service. We offer an incredible selection of instruments and thousands of music accessories for beginners to masters!If you don't find listed what you're looking for, simply contact us. We can provide expert advice about what instrument or accessory would be perfect for you.
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Item Information

Item ID: 792
Sale price: $ 19
location: Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
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Hollywood Boxwood 4/4 Violin Chinrest with Nickel-Plated Standard Bracket
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