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HxC Floppy Emulator With OLED Screen (Korg TRINITY / Plus / Pro) + USB Drive

$ 102

 for Sale

Type:floppy drive to usb upgrade
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

FREE TECH SUPPORT with your purchase
This has the better OLED screen installed.
Some sellers are using the cheap 3 digit display, a nightmare to use in practice - especially if you lose your list of what disk is what.It gets ugly fast!
Also, the OLED screen shows your disk drive status as well as the file name, so you always know when the drive is in use (unplug your USB drive without worry!)
See the last picture for an idea of what this looks like in use. You get to see a clear file name and disk drive status this way.
Drive may be black or white, message if you have a preference. Generally speaking, if you don't make a comment, I try to send whatever drive color I think looks better in your device.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
• Your USB drive will contain a folder of blank disks.
• Classy, easy to read black OLED screen and paid HXC license installed on the USB drive. 10 euros from each order goes to the developer of the HXC firmware, and your reciept is avaiable at any time if you wish to have it.
• Install guides are included with every order. I consistently provide top tier support to all customers. Just give my feedback a look for many glowing reviews from very satisfied customers.
• Each virtual floppy disk is a unique file on the USB Flash Drive included in the sale. As such, it can not be used to directly drag and drop WAV files into your sampler.
This is a pre-configured and pre-modified USB Floppy Emulator set up by myself for optimal use with your Trinity. It is tested on the Trinity Plus but is guaranteed to work on all other Trinity models. I've installed several of these in my own personal units and guarantee satisfaction. You have to be willing to open the unit and plug it in where the original floppy drive is. This will power right up and be used exactly as you'd expect it to work with the cables your original floppy drive used! These are very reliable and offer vastly superior reliability and convenience compared to traditional floppy disks. And on some devices, it's much faster to save and load than with a real disk.
Note: The only time I recommend using the 3-digit red display instead of the OLED is if you are constantly touring or travelling with the gear in question.If you prefer the 3-digit display, let me know BEFORE you purchase and I'll be happy to knock $15 off your order.If a flight case is not used, the OLED can be inadvertently destroyed if the device it's installed it takes a heavy bump by the floppy drive. Additionally, it is not visible from as many angles, as due to its different form factor, it is slightly recessed into the casing.
Please message PRIOR to purchase if you are particular about the color you want. I do not always have both colors in stock as I sell out of these very quickly when I have them. I currently have only BLACK in stock.
BLACK color drives are sent by default!!!GREY color drives are sent by request only!Please put a note in your payment if you would like a GREY drive!!!
--- Shipping & Handling Update ---Please note as of November 6, 2020, my city has enacted new lockdown protocols & curfews. I have increased my shipping handling times to 3 business days to allow for additional delays which may be incurred due to these new regulations. I will continue to make all efforts to ship within 1-2 business days as I usually do, but please understand if it takes me up to 3 business days to get an item shipped. Thank you for your understanding and thank you VERY MUCH for your business and interest in my products!!!

Item Information

Item ID: 946
Sale price: $ 102
location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Last update: 17.09.2021
Views: 2

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HxC Floppy Emulator With OLED Screen (Korg TRINITY / Plus / Pro) + USB Drive
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