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ibanez rg450mb PINK LEMONADE

$ 450

String Configuration:6 String
Series:Ibanez RG
Fretboard Material:Maple
Model:ibanez rg450mb
Type:Electric Guitar
Neck Material:Maple
Body Type:Solid
Number of Frets:24
Body Color:Yellow

Seller Description

ibanez rg450mb PINK LEMONADE.
Custom yellow Seymour duncan JB in the bridge position
Stock ibanez humbucker in the neck.
Custom strawberry lemonade pickguard, tremplate, and truss rod cover with yellow accents
Strung up with crazy low action, no fret buzz in e standard with neon yellow strings
absolute mint condition theres really not even a scratch on this thing
No issues whatsoever Plays great, finish on the back of the neck still feels brand new
Frets have been neatly filed down after coming from the factory with bad fret sprout. Frets are flush with the neck and no longer an issue.
Middle single coil was torn out, so the middle position on the 5 way has no output
Trem feels fantastic and brand new. Foam used to mute the springs to keep everything meshuggah-tight.
Very lightly played
Shoot me a message with any questions !

Item Information

Item ID: 752
Sale price: $ 450
location: Oak Forest, Illinois, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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ibanez rg450mb PINK LEMONADE
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