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Kanstul Callet STRATOSPHERE Gen II Bb Trumpet .464 Bore 4 7/8" Bell .348 Venturi

$ 2100

Bell Material:Brass
Finish:Silver Plate
Finish Material:Silver Plate
Experience Level:Professional
Brand:Kanstul made callet
Leadpipe Material:Brass
Color:Silver Plate
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

RARE Callet Gen II STRATOSPHERE .464 Bore 4 7/8" bell Bb Trumpet with a Gold Trim Kit SN 38017:Legends Brass is a Callet Gen II dealer. We have a great relationship with the owner Lee Adams. The trumpet is in 10 out of 10 condition, a floor demo. The valves and slides are in great condition. Comes with one one un-braced tuning slide. Great responsiveness and moves very well. Reverse leadpipe a no brace tuning slide. This one, with my tweaks and alignment plays much SWEET! This is a great concert, big band, latin, salsa, jazz collector horn.I did a valve alignment using a scope. Plays really great and slots great! Comes with original black nylon light case but no mouthpiece, but you can get an in stock Legends mouthpiece for 50% OFF. Here are some specs on this Bb Trumpet:Info on the GOLD TRIM KIT Kanstul Callet STRATOSPHERE .348 Venturi 4 7/8" bell Bb trumpet:The Jerome Callet "Jazz" Trumpet and the Callet "Jazz" Flugelhorns are back in production! These tried and proven modern super horns are still made with the original lead pipe and bell tooling as a starting platform, carrying on with the tradition of innovations.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
2017 ushered in some improvements to these already great instruments. The Generation II series Callets!
- The Callet "Jazz" Gen II trumpet with the original .020' yellow brass bell.
- The first ever Callet "Jazz" LT trumpet with the .017' lightweight bell.
- The Callet"Jazz" Flugelhorn Gen II with a new lead pipe and enhanced resonance.
- The all new Studio Artist .464 and Studio Artist .464 LT by
- The Studio Artist .460 bore for your legit needs! -The STRATOSPHERE .464 bore standard weight bell! (THIS LISTING!!!)
What's new? The lead pipes are meticulously drawn with a new and improved method started in 2017.Then the venturi is carefully set to the exact thousandth of an inch byLee Adamsand carefully hand fitted to the special heavy receivers here at the custom shop in Atlanta which includes our exclusive newERT (Enhanced Resonance Technology)the lead pipe venturi size is now stamped into the underside of every receiver.
Then the lead pipes are sent to Kanstul where our Jazz bell mandrel remains and the bells, valves, and assembly are completed.
Then back to the shop in Atlanta where each trumpet receives a PRV precision valve alignment with our exclusive port balancing. Valve port edges and valve guide contact points are polished. All internal parts are weighed, marked and strategically placed to create the best combination of player feedback and projection.
- The heaviest bottom cap (marked inside) when on the second valve gives a good combination of player feedback and projection.
- The heavier bottom cap can be moved to the third valve to increase projection and the slots become firmer with less player feedback.
Play testing byLee Adamswith special tweaking done byGeorge Rawlin. Each horn receives several hours of refinements after the initial assembly to optimize response and resonance.
New for 2017 The Callet Jazz Gen II has three standard lead pipe venturi options .346 .348 and .350.
Add to that 2 new main tuning slide options and you can create a trumpet that works for YOU and all of your different playing requirements! 5 different lead pipe gap options to chose from during custom fittings for full customization.
I ship USA and through Ebay Global shipping on International orders. No Case or mouthpiece, but ask about 50% OFF a Legends Brass IN STOCK mouthpiece with this purchase!

Item Information

Item ID: 2582
Sale price: $ 2100
location: Lenoir City, Tennessee, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021
Views: 2

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Kanstul Callet STRATOSPHERE Gen II Bb Trumpet .464 Bore 4 7/8" Bell .348 Venturi
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