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Korg Metronome and Rhythm Trainer

$ 49


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Korg Metronome and Rhythm Trainer BTLMINI
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The BEATLAB mini is a training tool that lets you practice rhythm more accurately and enjoyably. In addition to a versatile metronome function that includes a wide range of sounds, including human voice and real drum pattern sounds, this unit provides a training function that detects and evaluates the discrepancy between the metronome and the notes that you play. This means that you can develop a perfect sense of rhythm by using by treating rhythm training as if you were playing a game. The BEATLAB mini also includes a CM-200 contact microphone for trigger detection, a large backlit LCD display, built-in speaker and headphone output, as well as a Timer/Stopwatch fucntion.
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Item Information

Item ID: 2564
Sale price: $ 49
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
Views: 2

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Korg Metronome and Rhythm Trainer
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