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Korg MW2408BK 24-Channel Hybrid Mixer

$ 1599

Item Weight:15.0
Type:Digital Mixer
UPC:Does not apply

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Korg MW2408BK 24-Channel Hybrid Mixer MW2408BK
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SoundLink 24-Ch 8-Bus Hybrid Mixer The Korg SoundLink 2408 Mixer offers a never-before-seen combination of top-quality analog and digital together in a hybrid mixer that's built for incredibly powerful and intuitive live mixing. It offers 24 mixer channels with true 8-bus configuration and flexible multi-effects, making for the most powerful mixer this size. The massively powerful processing allows for running up to 10 effects at a time for total mixing control. Korg's amazing 32-bit effects and signal processing combine with the premium analog mixer components and design for a truly flexible hybrid analog and digital mixer. The 24 channels and 8-bus system make the SoundLink 2408 the most versatile mixer its size. 24 channel hybrid analog/digital mixer, Powerful digital processing for up to 10 effects at a time, Korg's renowned high-quality 32 bit effects, as found in Kronos, True 8-bus configuration with group outputs, Premium analog components and design, Designed with Greg Mackie and Peter Watts.
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Item Information

Item ID: 1920
Sale price: $ 1599
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 27.09.2021
Views: 1

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Korg MW2408BK 24-Channel Hybrid Mixer
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