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Korg PC-550 Height Adjustable Piano Bench (White)

$ 229

For Instrument:Piano
Features:Adjustable, Comfortable

Seller Description

Korg PC-550 Height Adjustable Piano Bench (White)
Korg PC-550 Height Adjustable Piano Bench
Korg 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
This height-adjustable seat is ideal when playing a digital piano or
keyboard and features a classical design with a seating surface secured
by four buttons. The four-legged design uses a thicker seating surface
than previous units, providing comfortable support even during extended
playing sessions. The height can be adjusted continuously by turning the
side handle.
Height-adjustable seatThicker seating
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Item Information

Item ID: 2774
Sale price: $ 229
location: Avenel, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
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Korg PC-550 Height Adjustable Piano Bench (White)
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