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Korg SV288 88 Key Stage Vintage Piano

$ 2299

Instrument:Digital Home Piano
Number of Keys:See Description
UPC:Does not apply

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Korg SV288 88 Key Stage Vintage Piano SV288
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SV2 Stage Vintage 88, Product Teaser, SV-2: The Evolution of a Modern Classic, Product Block Copy, Never before has a single instrument captured the signature sound, the unique performance experience, and the aesthetic satisfaction of so many definitive keyboards as the KORG SV-2 Stage Vintage. Ten years ago, KORG launched the Stage Vintage line to wild acclaim. The combination of an intuitive live panel, the premier keybed, the ultimate realization of coveted vintage sounds, the clarity of world-class pianos, the warmth and character of period-proper effects, and the distinctively smooth shape has inspired musicians from around the globe for over a decade. Available with either 88 keys or 72 keys, these SV-2 models are the latest additions to the Stage Vintage series, featuring more of everything that makes an SV great. More Sounds. More Memory. More Polyphony. More Presets. More Control. It is quite literally everything one could want in a performance stage piano ... and more. Plus be sure to check out the SV-2S models, equipped with an internal K-ARRAY speaker system. Product Bullets, Over ten times the sample data available in previous SV models, Professional level German, Italian, Austrian, and Japanese grand piano sounds, 88 different sounds and 64 memory locations, All-new splitting and layering right on the front panel, Increased polyphony- 128 notes, Full dynamic range sampled pianos and key sounds, Treasure trove of electro-mechanical, transistor, tape-driven, analog, and digital instruments, Electric pianos now include nearly all the American tine and reed models, Run up to 3 timbres at once, Knob per function control, Extensive effects section, XLR and 1/4" outs, Included DS2H damper pedal, MIDI and USB MIDI, 1/4" audio input stereo.
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Item Information

Item ID: 2755
Sale price: $ 2299
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
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Korg SV288 88 Key Stage Vintage Piano
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