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Korg Trinity custom programmed sounds disk

$ 20

Custom Bundle:No
Modified Item:No
Non-Domestic Product:No
Number of Keys:All
MPN:Does Not Apply
Type:Keyboard Synthesizer

Seller Description

KORG TRINITY OWNERS Fresh from the hands of a dedicated Korg Trinity user and programmer is this bank of 127 custom programmed sounds. These are professional sounding, tight programs that are meant to be used live as well as in the studio.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
These are not “toyish” factory type sounds. The programmer of this set of custom sounds has spent countless hours perfecting each and every instrument sound to sound the utmost realistic. This is the first in a series of custom program banks. A note from the programmer: Korg Trinity Programs are provided on 3.5"floppy diskwith plastic pocketcase. This is a new Item that is very organized with easy to recognize names for each patch. All patches have been custom created except for 2 edited factory patches and, of course, the edited drum kits. The sounds are also rechecked on Pro Tools for sound quality. The sounds are intended to be used by themselves and not specifically in Combi Mode. Sounds can be loaded individually or as an entire bank(A or B) Below is a full listing of the sounds included: Organ Piano Strings Choir/Pads Pads Hammond B3 Piano Arco Strings Choir Bell Motion Pad Hammond B3 Dist Grand Piano Trance Strings Pop Voices Swept Brass Church Organ Piano Hall Real Strings Ah Choir Motion Ghost 70's Organ Steinway Ensemble Mellotron Choir Pipe Motion Pad Hammond C3 FenderRhodes String Machine Choir Vox Air Pad Pipes RMI Piano Mellotron Church Choir Atmoshpere Vox Perc Organ Soft EP Deep Strings Choir Vox 2 Pulse Pad Organ Mix Tines Movie Score String Pad Flute Pad Lord Organ Stage EP Symphony Strings Brass Pad String Pad Perc Organ Wurlitzer String Quartet Sweep Pad Organ Pad Pads - Bells - Vintage Synths - Guitars - Vintage Lead Synths Spacey Pad Magic Bells Sunchiff Poly Moog 12 strings Midi Organ Sunchiff Xmas Bells Oberheim (saw) Acoustic Guitar Pan& Bottle FM Bells Synclaviar Classical Guitar FM Brass Synth Bells Emerson Brass The Big Lead Pad Boulette Layered Bells Super ARP Horn Section Chiff Riff FM Solar Vocoder Flute FM string Wire Funk Poly Talk Sweep Analog Strings Strat Solo Pad Nuage Femmes Midi Stack Perc Synth Tenor Sax LA Piano Harpsiclav Arp Brass Strings Solo Guitar Kurzweil String Pad Trumpet Bass Percussion-------------------------> Saw Wave Solo Finger Bass Drum Kit Room Kalimba Timpani Sync Wave Solo Chorus Bass Drum Kit Live Timpani JP Square lead Stein Bass Orch/Ethnic Tight Toms Moraz Pulse Fender Bass Jazz/Brush Kit Deep Marimba Wire Funk Wah Jaco Bass (edited) 01/w Kit African Drums Floyd Saw Fretless Slap Bass Percussion 1 Crash and Splash Saw Solo 1 Big Slap Bass Percussion 2 Chinese Gong Pulse Solo Stick Bass Djembe Toms & Cymbals Saw Solo 2 Upright Bass Taiko Drum Congo Lead (edited) Slit Drum

Item Information

Item ID: 2676
Sale price: $ 20
location: Cambridge, New York, United States
Last update: 6.10.2021
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Korg Trinity custom programmed sounds disk
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