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LEGENDS MF HG Trumpet Mouthpiece .623 Light Standard Heavy Vintage jazz solo pro

$ 140

Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Brand:Legends brass

Seller Description

auction is for aLegends
Brass MF HGtrumpet
DescriptionAs legend has it, there was once a trumpet mouthpiece, hand crafted by the gifted artisan Dominick Calicchio, to be used by the legendary Maynard Ferguson. It was created in 1955, and used by Mr. Ferguson for recording and performing during his rise to fame until the early 1960's. This mouthpiece has come to be known in trumpet circles as 'The Holy Grail'. Dominick Calicchio created his mouthpieces by hand, each one a work of art. Legends Brass is pleased to offer to our customers our modern version of this legendary mouthpiece. The rim and cup on the MF HG are identical to the original. The rim is flattened on top, but very rounded on the inside with little or no bite. The cup is generally described as a shallow v-shaped bowl (or slightly concave V cup). The throat on the MF HG is a #28, which is a little tighter than the original. In addition, the Legends Manhattan backbore has been incorporated.The Manhattan has great focus and nice resistance, and is specifically geared for extended performances and all night gigs.These design elements work together to enhance endurance, range and sound for the modern player. This mouthpiece is well suited for extended comfort and control in the upper register.
MF HG Specs:Outside Rim Diameter:1.053" (26.75 mm)
Outside Rim Contour:Round
Inside Rim Diameter:0.623" (15.82 mm)
Inside Rim Contour:Round
Cup Depth: Slightly Concave V (or V-bowl)similar to Bach E/FThis mouthpiece is kept in stock in four blanks: vintage, lightweight, standard weight, and heavyweight. TheVintageblank is inspired by classic Jet-Tone mouthpieces played by famous trumpet players of a bygone era. It has a beautiful art deco look. There isn't a lot of excess mass with this blank, which makes it versatile enough for general playing but with plenty of zing for those solo and lead parts!The lightweight blank adds extra sizzle for more of a lead, or 'Las Vegas' sound. The heavyweight blank is extremely efficient; the added mass creates enriched slotting and core of sound. Standard weight is a nice balance of both. Please choose which blank you would like to purchase from the drop down menu at the top of this listing.
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Item Information

Item ID: 756
Sale price: $ 140
location: Lenoir City, Tennessee, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 1

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LEGENDS MF HG Trumpet Mouthpiece .623 Light Standard Heavy Vintage jazz solo pro
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