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Legends Of Karaoke 15 CDG Disc Set Pop Rock R&B Classics BRAND NEW!

$ 49

 for Sale

Condition:Brand New
Vocal Demo Included:No
Region Code:n/a
File Format:CD
Media Type:cdg
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

15 great discs from the Legends Series
LEG - 3 - Drifters & Temptations
1.Under The Boardwalk - Drifters
2.On Broadway - Drifters
3.There Goes My Baby - Drifters
4.Save The Last Dance For Me - Drifters
5.Up On The Roof - Drifters
6.Some Kind Of Wonderful - Drifters
7.This Magic Moment - Drifters
8.Spanish Harlem - Drifters
9.I Wish It Would Rain - Temptations
10.Beauty Is Only Skin Deep - Temptations
11.Cloud Nine - Temptations
12.Papa Was A Rollin' Stone - Temptations
13.Get Ready - Temptations
14.I Can't Get NExt To You - Temptations
15.Just My Imagination - Temptations
16.My Girl - Temptations
Lgs 18 Barry White & Luther Vandross
1. You're The First, The Last, My Everything - Barry White
2. I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More - Barry White
3. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up - Barry White
4. Can't Get Enough Of Your Love - Barry White
5. Practice What You Preach - Barry White
6. It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next To Me - Barry White
7. Come On - Barry White
8. A House Is Not A Home - Luther Vandross
9. Superstar - Luther Vandross
10. If I Ruled The World - Luther Vandross
11. Here And Now - Luther Vandross
12. Always And Forever - Luther Vandross
13. The Impossible Dream - Luther Vandross
14. Forever, For Always, For Love - Luther Vandross
Lgs 37 The Who
LEG037 Who, The Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
LEG037 Who, The Behind Blue
LEG037 Who, The Happy Jack
LEG037 Who, The I Can See For
LEG037 Who, The I Can't Explain
LEG037 Who, The I'm A
LEG037 Who, The I'm Free
LEG037 Who, The Join Together
Who, The Kids Are Alright, The
LEG037 Who, The Magic Bus
LEG037 Who,
The Pictures Of Lily
LEG037 Who, The Pinball Wizard
LEG037 Who, The
Squeeze Box
LEG037 Who, The Substitute
LEG037 Who, The Who Are
LEG037 Who, The Won't Get Fooled Again
LEG037 Who, The You Better
You Bet
LEG - 84 - Blondie & Debbie Harry
1. Atomic - Blondie
2. Call Me - Blondie
3. Denis Denis - Blondie
4. French Kissin' In The U.S.A. - Debbie Harry
5. Hanging On The Telephone - Blondie
6. Heart Of Glass - Blondie
7. I Want That Man - Debbie Harry
8. I'm Always Touched By Your Presence Dear - Blondie
9. Island Of Lost Souls - Blondie
10. Maria - Blondie
11. Nothing Is Real But The Girl - Blondie
12. One Way Or Another - Blondie
13. Picture This - Blondie
14. Rapture - Blondie
15. Sunday Girl - Blondie
16. The Tide Is High - Blondie
17. Union City Blue - Blondie
LGS 157 Paul Anka & Friends
01 Put Your Head On My Shoulder Anka, Paul
02 You're) Having My Baby Anka, Paul
03 My Home Town Anka, Paul
04 You Are My Destiny Anka, Paul
05 Lonely Boy Anka, Paul
06 Diana Anka, Paul
07 It's Time To Cry Anka, Paul
08 Puppy Love Anka, Paul
09 Man Who Shot, The) Liberty Valance Pitney, Gene
10 It Hurts To Be In Love Pitney, Gene
11 Tiger Fabian
12 Boby Sox To Stockings Avalon, Frankie
13 Turn Me Loose Fabian
14 Young Love Hunter, Tab
15 Mack The Knife Darin, Bobby
16 Town Without Pity Pitney, Gene
Lgs 165 Barry Manilow
CopacabanaManilow, Barry1
MemoryManilow, Barry2
It's A
MiracleManilow, Barry3
Made It Through The RainManilow,
Brooklyn BluesManilow, Barry5
Somewhere In The NightManilow, Barry7
Regards To
BroadwayManilow, Barry8
ShipsManilow, Barry9
Get The Feeling
AgainManilow, Barry10
Don't Want To WalkManilow, Barry11
This One's
For YouManilow, Barry12
Ave MariaManilow, Barry13
Weekend In New
EnglandManilow 14
LEG - 187 - 80's Guys
1. At This Moment - Billy Vera
2. Don't Forget About Me - Simple Minds
3. If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red
4. Can't Fight The Feeling - REO Speedwagon
5. Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx
6. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
7. Wanted Dead Or Alive - Bon Jovi
8. Don't Bring Me Down - The Electric Light Orchestra
9. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For - U2
10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Tears For Fears
11. Paradise City - Guns N' Roses
12. Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Poison
13. Every Breath You Take - Police
14. I Want To Know What Love Is - Foreigner
15. Every Time You Go Away - Paul Young
16. Lady In Red - Chris DeBurgh
17. Careless Whisper - George Michael
LEG213 The Devil Went Down To Georgia - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 Uneasy Rider - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 The South's Gonna Do It Again - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 Long Haired Country Boy - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 In America - The Charlie Daniels
LEG213 Still In Saigon - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 The Legend Of Wooley Swamp - The Charlie Daniels Band
LEG213 Can't You See - Marshall Tucker Band
LEG213 Heard It In A Love Song - Marshall Tucker Band
LEG213 Amie - Pure Prairie League
LEG213 Falling In And Out Of Love - Pure Prairie League
LEG213 Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
LEG213 What's Your Name? - Lynyrd Skynyrd
LEG213 One Toke Over The Line - Brewer & Shipley
LEG213 You Never Even Called Me By My Name - David Allan Coe
LEG213 Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Dare Devils
LGS 227 Vogues Association Classic IV
1. Turn Around, Look At Me - The Vogues
2. Five O'Clock World - The Vogues
3. You're The One - The Vogues
4. My Special Angel - The Vogues
5. On Broadway - The Vogues
6. Till - The Vogues
7. Never My Love - The Association
8. Along Comes Mary - The Association
9. Everything That Touches You - The Association
10. Windy - The Association
11. Cherish - The Association
12. Sunny - The Classic IV
13. Traces - The Classic IV
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Stormy - The Classic IV
15. Spooky - The Classic IV
LGS 232 Guess Who / Grass Roots
1. American Woman - The Guess Who
2. These Eyes - The Guess Who
3. No Time - The Guess Who
4. Undun - The Guess Who
5. Share The Land - The Guess Who
6. No Sugar Tonight - The Guess Who
7. Hand Me Down World - The Guess Who
8. Laughing - The Guess Who
9. Let's Live For Today - The Grass Roots
10. Midnight Confessions - The Grass Roots
11. Sooner Or Later - The Grass Roots
12. Wait A Million Years - The Grass Roots
13. Temptation Eyes - The Grass Roots
14. Time Of The Season - The Zombies
15. Tell Her No - The Zombies
16. She's Not There - The Zombies
Legends 233 -The Bangles, The Go-Go's & Bonnie Tyler
1. Walk Like An Egyptian - The Bangles
2. Manic Monday - The Bangles
3. Hazy Shade Of Winter - The Bangles
4. Eternal Flame - The Bangles
5. In Your Room - The Bangles
6. Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Bonnie Tyler
7. Holding Out For A Hero - Bonnie Tyler
8. Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Bonnie Tyler
9. We Got The Beat - The Go Go's
10. Vacation - The Go Go's
11. Our Lips Are Sealed - The Go Go's
12. Head Over Heals - The Go Go's
13. Circle In The Sand - Belinda Carlisle
14. I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle
15. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle
16. Mad About You - Belinda Carlisle
LEG239 Osbourne, Ozzy Bark At The Moon
LEG239 Judas Priest Breaking
The Law
LEG239 Duets/Osbourne, Ozzy & Lita Ford Close My Eyes
LEG239 Osbourne, Ozzy Crazy Train
LEG239 Deep Purple Highway
LEG239 Black Sabbath Iron Man
LEG239 Osbourne, Ozzy Mama I'm
Coming Home
LEG239 Osbourne, Ozzy No More Tears
LEG239 Scorpions No
One Like You
LEG239 Black Sabbath Paranoid
LEG239 Scorpions Rock You
Like A Hurricane
LEG239 Osbourne, Ozzy Shot In The Dark
LEG239 Deep
Purple Smoke On The Water
LEG239 Scorpions Still Loving You
Black Sabbath War Pigs
LEG239 Scorpions Wind Of Change
LEG239 Judas
Priest You've Got Another Thing Comin'
LEG241 Idol, Billy Cradle Of Love
LEG241 Idol, Billy Dancing
With Myself
LEG241 Cheap Trick Don't Be Cruel
LEG241 Cheap Trick Dream
LEG241 Idol, Billy Eyes Without A Face
LEG241 Cheap Trick
Flame, The
LEG241 Idol, Billy Flesh For Fantasy
LEG241 Idol, Billy
Hot In The City
LEG241 Cheap Trick I Want You To Want Me
LEG241 Idol,
Billy L.A. Woman
LEG241 Idol, Billy Mony Mony
LEG241 Idol, Billy
Rebel Yell
LEG241 Idol, Billy Scream
LEG241 Cheap Trick She's
LEG241 Cheap Trick Surrender
LEG241 Idol, Billy White Wedding
LEG - 247 - 80's Alternative
1. Karma Chameleon - Boy George & The Culture Club
2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? - Boy George & The Culture Club
3. Time (Clock Of The Heart) - Boy George & The Culture Club
4. I'll Tumble For Ya - Boy George & The Culture Club
5. Miss Me Blind - Boy George & The Culture Club
6. Rock The Casbah - The Clash
7. Should I Stay Or Should I Go? - The Clash
8. I Fought The Law - The Clash
9. True - Spandau Ballet
10. Gold - Spandau Ballet
11. Don't You Forget About Me - Simple Minds
12. Whip It - Devo
13. West End Girls - The Pet Shop Boys
14. Always On My Mind - The Pet Shop Boys
15. Shake It Up - Cars
16. Good Times Roll - Cars
17. Drive - Cars
Music is not performed by the original artists, artist names are referenced for "In The Style Of" Only!

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Item ID: 2824
Sale price: $ 49
location: Buffalo, New York, United States
Last update: 13.10.2021
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Legends Of Karaoke 15 CDG Disc Set Pop Rock R&B Classics BRAND NEW!
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