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Ludwig Classic MapIe Vintage White Marine 3-pc. Pro Beat Shell Pack, 24/13/16

$ 2399

Model:Classic Maple PRO BEAT
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Product Line:Classic Maple
Skill Level:Professional
Shell Material:Maple
Type:Acoustic Drum Kits
Items Included:3-piece Shell Pack
Drum Type:Acoustic Drum Kits
UPC:does not apply

Seller Description

NEWIn-Stock for immediate shipping!
LUDWIG USAClassic MapleVintage White Marine Pearl3-pc. "PRO BEAT" Shell PackModel #L84433AXNMWC
Never played or displayed.May be opened onlyfor a white-glove dealer inspection and/or tosupplementfactory packing.
We double-box all drums for very safe shipping.NEW from LUDWIG USA Authorized DealerFull Factory Warranty Applies.
Order by 12 Noon Pacific / 3 p.m. Eastern and we shipthe SAME DAY (Mon.-Fri.).
***Please email for a shipping quote before purchasing if youreside in Hawaii,Alaska or a US Protectorate***
Includes:14" x 24" Bass w/ Elite Spurs.16" x 16" Floor Tom w/ Triad leg brackets. 9" x 13" Tom w/Atlas Mount.***This is three (3) piece shell-pack only.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Snare Drum, Stands, pedals, cymbals andany other accessories shown in photos areall sold separately.
Classic Maple Series
SONICALLY CAPTIVATING. VERSATILITY DEFINED.Classic Maple series drums have been the professional choice
for over 20 years.Its full, bold tonality, rich sustain, and exceptional
versatility has Made these drums the premier choice for any performance
application. Utilizing a process refined through over a century of drum
making, Classic Maple drums preserve the signature Ludwig sound with
optimal performance.Classic Maple's standard 7-ply, 6mm shell is formulated for optimum resonance and tonality. Its center three-ply core
panel (laminated in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal grain bond to
a 2.4mm thickness,) is inserted between inner and outer
two-ply panels through our proprietary RFST molding process.To increase stability through out the drum, all Ludwig USA
shells are produced using Radio Frequency Shell Technology, using a
process involving our historic bladder molds that date back
to the late 1960's. R.F.S.T.'s
unique bonding system -combined with a specialized, time-tested adhesive- cures each shell evenly
over theentire surface of the shell. This process is truly a
principal ingredient in creating the "Ludwig Sound" in every shell we
Hand-crafted at
Ludwig USA in Monroe, NC.
__________________________________________________________aboutArizona DRUM ShopInternet Prices. Pro Shop ServiceWe understand that when buy new gear, you want it fast and to arrivein perfectcondition. It's why we operate daily with faster orderprocessingthan anyoneand supplement/double-box most factory packaging to make sure it will arrivein the condition you expect.Shop with us and your hard-earned gear is packed with care andships theSAME DAYwhenordered by 12Noon Pacific. Most orders placed by 2 PMPacific even shipthe same day.*International orders sometimes require one additional day for processing.We're a dedicated, brick and mortar DRUM SHOP, created by a drummer,fordrummers,offering fineproducts for any budget.We offer expert, personalserviceand competitive prices which rival the largestretailersanywhere.
Please reviewour 100% positive feedback and shop with confidence. one says it better than our existing customers.Store Hours (MST) :Monday-Friday 12-6Saturday 11-4________________________________________________________Shipping:
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Restocking fees and restrictions do apply. For complete return policydetails, please click the "Shipping and Payments"tab (above)and scrolldown to "Return Policy Details".
Please message usbeforeplacing an order if you have any questions.
If there is any problem with your order:For the simplestresolution options, before initiating an eBay return,pleasecalloremail us directlyatthecontactinformationonyour enclosedstorereceipt.
If you happen to have a factory defect in a new, warrantableproduct,theeasiestresolutionis often by us assisting with a replacementdirectlyfrom the manufacturer.

Item Information

Item ID: 247
Sale price: $ 2399
location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States
Last update: 8.09.2021
Views: 1
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Ludwig Classic MapIe Vintage White Marine 3-pc. Pro Beat Shell Pack, 24/13/16
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