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Martin Custom Size 00 15S Style 12 Fret Tortoise Binding 59558 @ LA Guitar Sales

$ 2299

Type:Acoustic Guitar

Seller Description

This item is being offered to you by L A Guitar
Sales located on the world famous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood
California. We are authorized dealers for Blackbird,
Breedlove, Bedell, Composite Acoustics, Cordoba, Eastman,
Journey, Larrivee, Lowden, Martin, McPherson, RainSong, Santa
Cruz, Taylor and more with their full line available. We
have several decades of online sales experience so you are in good
hands with us.
As usual, a Custom Martin based on your suggestions, this one is an all
mahogany 00-15S 12-fret slot head with 1-3/4" nut and 2-1/4" bridge
Full specs are below:
CONSTRUCTION: 1 Style; Sipo Blocks; Simple Dovetail Neck Joint
BODY SIZE: 00-12 Fret
TOP: Solid Genuine Mahogany (2 piece)
TOP BRACES: Sitka/Non-Scalloped 1/4'' PATTERN: Custom Pattern - 110A w/ Modified Bridge Plate
TOP BINDING: Faux Tortoise - Brown
ROSETTE: Single Ring
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
015'' Black Fiber/.015'' Maple Fiber/.015'' Black Fiber/.015'' Maple Fiber/.015'' Black Fiber
PICKGUARD: PG,Faux Tortoise 3071,SA,Pat 41
BACK: Sipo
CENTER STRIP/LOC. STAMP: Sitka Standard (C.F. Martin & Co. Nazareth, PA Btwn 1st & 2nd Brace)
BACK BRACES: Sitka Spruce
BACK BINDING: Faux Tortoise - Brown BACK INLAY: None
ENDPIECE: Faux Tortoise - Brown
REAR: 00/000 Sipo
FRONT: 00-12 Fret Adjustable Sipo, Long Leg - SD, T-Plate Line 1: C. F. Martin Logo
Line 2: CUSTOM
Line 3: Serial #
Line 4:
Line 5: NECK: Select Mahogany
NECK SHAPE: Mod Low Oval
HEADSTOCK: Slotted/Do Not Square Slot Corners/6 String No Diamond/Square Taper (Renbourn Drilling- C Drill .242)
TRUSS ROD: 2-Way Adjustable 335mm
NUT: Bone
HEADPLATE: Solid East Indian Rosewood
TUNING MACHINES: TM,GoldenAge,Nickel,2508,Sdmt,Engr ivord, (C Drill .242)
FINGERBOARD: East Indian Rosewood
RADIUS: 16''
SCALE LENGTH: 24.84 (24.9)
WIDTH AT NUT: 1 3/4'' (1.750)
WIDTH AT 12 FRET: 2 1/4'' (2.250)
PEARL INLAY: PI,FB,GE Dia and Sq Abalone,Short
SIDE DOT POSITION: One at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, Single at 12th, One at 15th & 17th Frets
FINISH TYPE: Satin Finish
FINISH BODY: Modified 15 Sheen Satin/ Dark Mahogany Stain/ Dark Filler
FINISH TOP: Mod 15 Sheen/ Dark Mahog. Stain/ Dark Filler (Tape before stain, Do not tape for filler)
FINISH NECK: Modified 15 Sheen Satin/ Dark Mahogany Stain/ Dark Filler
BRIDGE: East Indian Rosewood
STYLE: Modern Belly w/ drop in saddle
STRING SPACING: 2 1/4'' (2.250)
SADDLE: SL,Compensated,Bone,16R,#5
BRIDGE PINS: Black Ebony
END PIN: Black Ebony Note that we are one of the largest Martin dealers on the
planet their full standard line, along with an amazing
collection of Custom Shop models in stock so please
contact us if you don't see what you're looking for. This
guitar is factory fresh with full warranty.

Item Information

Item ID: 85
Sale price: $ 2299
location: West Hollywood, California, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 0
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Martin Custom Size 00 15S Style 12 Fret Tortoise Binding 59558 @ LA Guitar Sales
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