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Martin D-10E-01, Acoustic Electric Guitar #4291 W/ Free Shipping & Soft Case

$ 799

Set Includes:Gig Bag
Fretboard Material:Richlite
Body Color:Sapele
Number of Frets:20
Body Material:Sapele
String Configuration:6 String
Model Year:2021
Series:Road Series
Body Type:Dreadnought
Type:Acoustic-Electric Guitar
Neck Material:Select Hardwood

Seller Description

Ships FREE to the USA onlyThe guitar you see is the one you will receiveC&M is a proud authorized Martin Dealer
Serial Number: [hidden information]Weight: 4.91lbs
This solid wood Dreadnought model is a great sounding guitar at an affordable price. New to this model are stunning mother-of-pearl pattern fingerboard and rosette inlays with a multi-stripe rosette border. It has an FSC® Certified Richlite® fingerboard and bridge, satin finish body, and a hand-rubbed neck finish. Also new to this model is the Fishman® MX-T electronics package with a built-in soundhole tuner that auto mutes the audio output so you can tune up any time without using a pedal. This guitar comes with a Premium Soft Shell Case so it is Road-ready to join you on all of your adventures!
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Item Information

Item ID: 2351
Sale price: $ 799
location: Hattiesburg, Mississippi, United States
Last update: 1.10.2021
Views: 1

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Martin D-10E-01, Acoustic Electric Guitar #4291 W/ Free Shipping & Soft Case
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