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Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar in Natural 2442385

$ 3199

Type:Acoustic Guitar
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

The Martin HD-28 is one of Martin Guitars best selling guitars of all time. One strum and you will hear why. Big, loud, powerful tone with an excellent low end, punchy mid-range, and bell-like highs. A great all-around guitar that is perfect for all styles of players and music.
The Select Hardwood neck is very comfortable and easy to play. The fretwork is perfect and the intonation is spot on thanks to a Factory Plek Fret Dress. Learn all about the Plek Process by clicking ! The neck is made from  or and it is topped with a Fingerboard. The Modified, Low Oval Neck Profile features the High-Performance Taper making this one of the most playable HD-28 models of all time!
Whether you are strumming, fingerpicking or flat-picking the Martin HD-28 handles it all equally well making it a must-have for any player's collection. Thanks to a Sitka Top, this guitar has a brilliant top-end that helps it cut through the mix. The Indian Rosewood Back and Sides add harmonic complexity and density making this guitar sound MASSIVE! It seems to throw sound into every corner of the room. 
The Music Gallery of Highland Park is proud to be an authorized Martin Guitar Dealer. Blending their Vintage Recipes with modern Manufacturing has given guitar players the best guitars Martin can make.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
These instruments have never been more playable, more consistent or more righteously priced. Stop but the shop to check out our full inventory of Martin and Martin Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars!
The pictures in this listing are of the exact guitar that we have for sale. It has been fully set-up in our shop by George MacPhail, playtested for functionality, then re-inspected and set-up to your preferences before being shipped out. Plus, we'll never charge you for a case that was included with your guitar in the first place! Stop by the shop or give us a call to learn more about this or any of the other great Acoustic and Electric Guitars in our collection!
The Music Gallery of Highland Park: Your 'Mom and Pop' Neighborhood Guitar Shop! For , , and the finest in and Guitars. 
Sitka Spruce Top
Standard X Scalloped Braces
Forward Shifted X Brace
Sitka Spruce Braces
Indian Rosewood Back and Sides
Modified Low Profile Neck Shape
High-Performance Neck Taper
Mahogany or Sapele Neck
Satin Neck Finish
Ebony Fretboard
25.4" Scale Length
1 & 3/4" Nut
Bone Nut
Ebony Bridge
Original Hardshell Case

Item Information

Item ID: 107
Sale price: $ 3199
location: Highland Park, Illinois, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 0
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Martin HD-28 Acoustic Guitar in Natural 2442385
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