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Miniature Guitar 2003 Guitar Mania #1011 Bringing Life to the City

$ 35

Brand:Westland guitarmania
Type:Miniature Guitars
Model Year:2003

Seller Description

Miniature Guitar 2003 Guitar Mania #1011 Bringing Life to the City.
Shipped Same day or next day depending on time of purchase
You will receive the exact item in the photos I do not use stock photos. Please ask questions more photos can be provided.
Items come from a smoke free facility. We are pet friendly.
Please see my other items I have other miniatures, DVD bundles, dolls, watches, books, games, box sets, vinyl, casettes, toys, collectibles, fabric and much more. I am happy to combine shipping for multiple items. Thanks for shopping

Item Information

Item ID: 534
Sale price: $ 35
location: Ashtabula, Ohio, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
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Miniature Guitar 2003 Guitar Mania #1011 Bringing Life to the City
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