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Movo MCW6 Lavalier Microphone Windscreen Muffs and Lapel Clips for 8.3mm Mics

$ 19

Compatible Brand:Universal
Suited For:Microphone

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Movo MCW6 Lavalier Microphone Windscreen Muffs and Lapel Clips for 8.3mm Mics
Product Description
The Movo MCW6 is a set of 5 deadcat lavalier windscreens and 5 aluminum lapel clips. This set is designed to fit 8.3mm mic capsules including the Movo LV-6, LV-6C & LV-6O.
Product Highlights
*5 PACK* of Lavalier Microphone Windscreen Muffs and Metal Crocodile Lapel Clips
Designed to fit 8.3mm Mic Capsules ~ Fits Movo LV-6, LV-6C & LV-6O
Deadcat Lavalier Windscreen with Elastic Attachment ~ Reduces Wind Noise by up to 40dB
Metal Alligator Lapel Clips ~ Snaps On to a 8.3mm Mic Capsule
1 Year Movo Warranty
All products sold include a
1-year limited warranty
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Item ID: 2540
Sale price: $ 19
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
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Movo MCW6 Lavalier Microphone Windscreen Muffs and Lapel Clips for 8.3mm Mics
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