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Music Maestro Standards Club Pack- 5 Karaoke Discs - CD+G / CDG

$ 11

Model:Music Standards & Oldies Pack
Modified Item:No
Country/Region of Manufacture:Unknown
Media Type:CD
Vocal Demo Included:No
Custom Bundle:No
File Format:CD
Type:Standard CD
Brand:Music maestro
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Used - May have some slight Surface Scratches, Normal Wear and Tear. Guaranteed to play!”

Seller Description

Music Maestro Standards Club Pack- 5 Karaoke Discs - CD+G / CDG
Used - May have some slight Surface Scratches, Normal Wear and Tear. Guaranteed to play!
Used CDGs, but guaranteed to play!ShippedMedia Mailthru USPS. Will ship to 48 contiguous states.

Item Information

Item ID: 800
Sale price: $ 11
location: Whitewater, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Music Maestro Standards Club Pack- 5 Karaoke Discs - CD+G / CDG
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