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NEW Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Classic Copper w/ Del

$ 999

Type:Electric Guitar

Seller Description

NEW Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Classic Copper w/ Deluxe Gig Bag
Brand New from an Authorized Fender Dealer
With sound and style tough enough to rock a chicken-wire-enclosed stage, the Deluxe Roadhouse Strat is the perfect instrument for tearing it up all night long. Packed with a wide-ranging variety of tones, ranging from tough, wiry single-coil spank to a high-output sound that's perfect for searing leads, this guitar is versatile enough to handle anything you throw at it with style. It has an immediately noticeable Classic Copper finish that greatly compliments the searing vintage tones this workhorse is able to produce. It's the perfect instrument for a performer who demands sonic flexibility and the ability to easily switch sounds at the drop of a hat.
This is a 2021 model guitar but it has been discontinued so get it while it lasts!
Double cutaway electric guitar
Three Vintage Noiseless Strat pickups
V6 switch and preamp adds six extra tonalities and is disguised as a tone knob
Pushbutton S-1 switch built into the master control knob  bypasses the preamp and V6 switch for traditional pickup-only sounds.
Two-point synchronized tremolo bridge with bent steel saddles
12”-radius fingerboard; contoured neck heel; locking tuning machines
9-volt included for the special electronics
Includes deluxe gig bag
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Item Information

Item ID: 73
Sale price: $ 999
location: Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 0
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NEW Fender Deluxe Roadhouse Stratocaster Electric Guitar - Classic Copper w/ Del
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