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New Neutrik NL4MMX Speakon Locking 2 and 4 Pole Coupler Female - Female Adapter

$ 9

Connector(s) B:Screw Terminals, Speakon (4-Pole) Male
Suited For:Speaker//Amplifier
Connector(s) A:Speakon (4-Pole) Male
Country/Region of Manufacture:Liechtenstein
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Brand New Genuine Neutrik NL4MMX Speakon Locking 2 and 4 Pole Coupler Female to Female Adapter...
4 pole lockable coupler, links two NL2/4Fs together for cable extension. Can be permanently attached to NL2/4F Series.
Speakon loudspeaker amplifier connectors are reliable and extremely rugged. All contacts on both connectors are touchproof meeting safety requirements both IEC 65 and IEC 348, and are UL recognized and CSA listed. Cable connectors have solid contacts and can be solderless making the connectors field serviceable. Speakon connectors are extremely rugged, step-on proof, multi-contact for highest connecting integrity. Contacts are designed to prevent any damage from arcing when disconnected under load. Unique chuck type strain relief. Easy handling of the release mechanism with a locking lever
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Item Information

Item ID: 778
Sale price: $ 9
location: Jackson, Missouri, United States
Last update: 14.09.2021
Views: 0

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New Neutrik NL4MMX Speakon Locking 2 and 4 Pole Coupler Female - Female Adapter
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