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Patriotic Favorites Volumes #1, 2 & 3 Daywind Karaoke Style CD+G Karaoke NEW

$ 35

Genre:Christian & Patriotic
MPN:Does Not Apply
Vocal Demo Included:Yes
File Format:CD
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Music store selling karaoke CD+G produced byDaywind Karaoke.
This is factory fresh sealed new product. You are bidding on three (3) newDaywind Karaoke CD+G discs titled * * “Patriotic Favorites#1, 2 & 3”.
These karaoke CD+G discs can be played in a regular CD player if you only want to listen to the recorded music. If you want to see the song lyrics displayed on a TV screen; these karaoke CD+G discsmust be played in a karaoke player. These karaoke CD+G discsdo include a printed lyrics sheet. These karaoke CD+G discsdo include practice lead vocal tracks.
**these songs are not the original artists recording. Tracks are arranged and produced to sound like the original hit recordings. Karaoke recordings are recreated renditions of the original song utilizing studio musicians and singers. The Karaoke recordings are not the original artist, nor are they taken or extracted from the original artist's recording. The artist names are used for identification purposes only.
"Patriotic Favorites#1"
God Bless the USA ------- w/o background vocals
Let Freedom Ring ------- with background vocals
My Country 'Tis of Thee ------- w/o background vocals
This is My Country ------- with background vocals
God Bless America ------- with background vocals
America the Beautiful ------- w/o background vocals
thru 12 --- Multiplex with lead vocals
"Patriotic Favorites#2"AmericaAgain ------------------ Carman ------ with background vocalsBattle Hymn of the Republic -- Traditional ---- with background vocalsHidden Heroes ----------------- Barbara Fairchild --- with background vocalsLetters From War -------------- Mark Schultz ---- w/o background vocalsThere She Stands -------------- Michael W. Smith ---- w/o background vocalsThis Land is Your Land ------- Traditional ---- w/o background vocalsthru 12 --- Multiplex with lead vocals
"Patriotic Favorites#3"AmericanSoldier -------------------------Toby Keith------ w/BGVAn Honor to Serve--------------------------Ray Boltz--------- w/BGVIn God We Still Trust--------------------------Diamond Rio--- w/BGVMilitary Anthem Medley------------------------Traditional ---- w/o BGVStar Spangled Banner----------------------------------Traditional ---- w/ BGVWhere Were You When the World Stopped Turning ?---Alan Jackson--- w/BGVthru 12 --- Multiplex with lead vocals
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Item Information

Item ID: 1677
Sale price: $ 35
location: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Last update: 25.09.2021
Views: 0

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Patriotic Favorites Volumes #1, 2 & 3 Daywind Karaoke Style CD+G Karaoke NEW
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