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PBS-TRI Sampler Playback option for KORG TRINITY - OEM Quality

$ 180

Number of Keys:61
Type:Flash Card
Instrument:Electronic Keyboard
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

PBS-TRI KORG TRINITY Sample Playback Option
Up for
sale is the PBS-TRI option (OEM Quality)
(Playback Sample Flash
Rom for KORG
TRINITY series)
Rare option
for KORG TRINITY!This is not the cheap replica being sold somewhere else. This kit provides the best quality vs price tradeoff. Similar item is trending at over $400.00 from other music shops. Now your chance to get the OEM PBS-TRI for a fraction of the price!
I will
ship to worldwide!Please read the shipping and payment
terms below!
This option
comes asa complete kit with everything you need to use it with
your TRINITY without any
The PBS-TRI option
consists of:
- 8 MegaByte
Flash Rom Card
- Two SRAM chips (add C
and D banks)
D e
s c r i p
i o n :
When the PBS-TRI is installed,
multisample and drum sample memory is
expanded, allowing PCM data to be loaded from floppy disk and used
multi-samples or drum samples. This allows the TRINITY series to
utilize the PCM
data of KORG format files,AKAI S1000 format files, and AIFF files.
limits apply to the number of PCM data items that can be loaded.
Multisamples maximum 100
Drum samples maximum 200
Samples maximum 500
The number of samples is
the sum
of the samples used in the multisamples plus
the number of drum samples.
For example if you have loaded
multisamples each consisting of 8 samples,
and ten drum samples, the
number that can be loaded will be 98 mul-tisamples (= 100–2), 190 drum
(= 200–10), and 474 samples (= 500–8x2–10).
The capacity of the PCM memory
approximately 8 Mbytes (8,323,040 bytes).
It is not possible to load
which are larger than 2 Mbytes. Also, individ-ual
samples which exceed the
capacity of a
floppy disk (approximately 1.4
Mbytes for a 2HD disk) can be
only to a hard disk when the SCSI option
or the HRD option has been
For wholesale
discounts, please check
out my web store!
We will ship your
order within the same business day of cleared payment
Shipping is a flat rate
customers are
responsible for any customs' duties, taxes, or any other fees incurred
by the customs of their own country
We do not ship on
weekends or public holidays
only accept payment by PayPal
Payment is due immediately after purchase
If you have any question about
the item, or if you need to discuss any special requirement for your
order, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We're always connected
and we would be glad to assist you in a timely manner.
make sure you return the item
in the same condition as received.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
We will not accept return if the
item has been used or installed. We might request photos from you that
prove the item was received defective, broken, or in non-working order
before we can issue you a refund.
Communication is what makes us, human
beings, superior to other species!
Please take the initiative to get in
touch and allow us the chance to solve your problem before you leave a
negative/neutral feedback, and right before you open a dispute/return
request.We strive to maintain a 100% positive feedback while providing
you with the best shopping experience.

Item Information

Item ID: 454
Sale price: $ 180
location: Akron, Ohio, United States
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 1

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PBS-TRI Sampler Playback option for KORG TRINITY - OEM Quality
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