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Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller With Magma Case Gently Used MIDI Serato

$ 239

Model:DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller
Features:Portable, RGB Backlit Buttons, USB Powered
Inputs/Outputs:USB In
Custom Bundle:Yes
MPN:Does Not Apply
Audio Ports & Interfaces:MIDI Interface
Bundle Description:Comes with Magma carrying case.
Seller Notes:“This controller has been gently used and has plenty of life left! There are two small marks on the front of the unit which came from the stand it was on as indicated in the pictures.”

Seller Description

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller
Gently Used
Up for sale is the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller in black. This controller has been gently used and has plenty of life left! There are two small marks on the front of the unit which came from the stand it was on as indicated in the pictures.
Designed as an expansion controller for Serato DJ, the Pioneer Pro DDJ-SP1 digital DJ controller gives you a ton of hands-on control over your samples, effects, and much more. This makes the DDJ-SP1 an excellent option for anyone DJing with a CDJ or vinyl setup who also wants to take advantage of the advanced functions in Serato DJ. As you'd expect though, all of the DDJ-SP1's controls are MIDI-based, so you can really use it to control just about anything you like in your DJ software of choice. But with convenient Serato Video controls (plus a copy of the Serato Video plug-in) to play with, it's clear that the Pioneer Pro DDJ-SP1 has a lot to offer.
Pioneer Pro DDJ-SP1 Digital DJ Controller Features:
An excellent controller expansion for Serato DJ and wonderful pad-based controller for any MIDI-mappable DJ software
16 heavy-duty backlit rubber performance pads let you trigger samples, fire off hot cues, control loops and rolls, and more
Slip mode control lets you create complex effects and transitions without interrupting the track playback position
2 dedicated effects sections give you full control over the iZotope effects in Serato DJ
Sampler volume fader lets you fade in and level match your sampler to the rest of the mix
Designed to provide intuitive control over the Serato Video plug-in
All controls based on MIDI for full compatibility with other DJ software
USB bus powered for maximum portability
Purchase Includes:
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller
USB Cord
Magma Carrying Case
Original box
Please read through these terms and conditions so no time is wasted. Payment is due as soon as possible. I ship via USPS within 2 business days of yourclearedpayment. I will ship only to the address that is given to me through eBay. I do not accept returns; what you see is what you get! If you would like more pictures or have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck!
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Item Information

Item ID: 2742
Sale price: $ 239
location: Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
Views: 1

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1 Sub-Controller With Magma Case Gently Used MIDI Serato
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