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Premier 1970s 14in 8 Lug Die Cast Tom Snare Batter Drum Hoop - B

$ 59

Seller Notes:“This hoop is very clean, round and in good working order. Some light pitting, scratches and scuffs.”
Exact Year:1970
Instrument:Snare Drum, Tom
Seller Notes:“This hoop is very clean, round and in good working order. Some light pitting, scratches and scuffs.”

Seller Description

The Drum Den is a small, full service drum shop in Hoboken, NJ offering sales, lessons and repairs. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about condition, price, or shipping. Message us here or, to speak to a live drummer, google us and call our store. We're happy to help!
Up for sale is a vintagePremier 1970s 14in 8 Lug Die Cast Tom/Snare Batter Drum Hoop.
This hoop is very clean, round and in good working order. Some light pitting, scratches and scuffs.
Please ask questions before buying, andplease see our other listings.Save on shipping multiple items. We are happy to send you more pics and info upon request - just ask. We don't usually offer the "Best Offer" feature in our listings, but feel free to contact us with price inquiries. For faster service, call us at the shop, or send us an email.Check out our eBay store reviews here.Please review our terms below for all of our eBay sales, and thanks again for looking!
We reserve the right to end the auction early because all items are for sale in our store in Hoboken, NJ. Local pickup is always ok (Why not come and see the item before you buy it?), but please notify us before you buy.Message us here or, to speak to a live drummer, google us and call our store.
We have shipped hundreds of drums world wide, so rest assured your drums will arrive safely! We reserve the right to require a signature on any item's delivery.
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International Customers: We now only offerWorldwide Shippingthrough eBay's Global Shipping Program. Buyer is responsible for all local and customs charges, and we will not ship any items under value or as a "gift". Please allow additional handling time and items may be subject to a handling fee. eBay has enacted policies restricting shipment of some heavy items, such as drum sets and stands through the Global Shipping Program. For these items, please contact us to arrange shipping before purchase. Shipment of large items may take longer and be expensive.
We accept payment through PayPal and credit card by phone only. Please make payments within 2 days from end of auction unless using Buy-It-Now, which requires instant payment. NJ residents must pay 7% sales tax.
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Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the

Item Information

Item ID: 1030
Sale price: $ 59
location: Hoboken, New Jersey, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
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Premier 1970s 14in 8 Lug Die Cast Tom Snare Batter Drum Hoop - B
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