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Procraft 12U Slant Equipment Rack 12 Space - Made in the USA - W/Rack Screws

$ 144

Condition:New with tags
Type:Hard Case
Material:3/4" Plywood
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States

Seller Description

12U slanted equipment rack 16" deep at the bottom, 11-3/4" at the top,
3/4" plywood(light weight and very sturdy) with high quality,
black automotive grade carpet.
Procraft protective corners.
Penn Elcom pre-tapped rack rail(for 10-32 machine screws).
Free set of 12 rack screws and washers included!
Rack rail is installed 1/2" from the front edge of the unit.
Rabbeted joints screwed and glued for years of service.
Overall dimensions are(including corners) 21-1/4" Wide, 25-1/2" Tall and 16-1/4" Deep.
Inside dimensions are 19-1/8" Wide, 23-3/8" Tall and 12" Deep.
This unit does not include front or rear covers.

Item Information

Item ID: 877
Sale price: $ 144
location: Jackson, Missouri, United States
Last update: 16.09.2021
Views: 0

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Procraft 12U Slant Equipment Rack 12 Space - Made in the USA - W/Rack Screws
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