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Rockville Double X Braced Keyboard Stand+Push Button Lock For Korg Kross LS

$ 49

 for Sale

Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Model:RKS30X SP 83

Seller Description

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Rockville Double X Braced Keyboard Stand+Push Button Lock For Korg Kross LS
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Condition and Warranty
Product Description
How to Set Up RKS30X:
Video Of RKS30X:
The RKS30X is in my opinion the
best keyboard stand on the market. I will explain why. First off this
uses a push button mechanism to adjust the height up and down. With the
RKS30X You will not have to sit there turning a knob like with
conventional X stands. With this one, you hit a button and you can
adjust the height of the stand quickly and easily. This mechanism is
actually also way more sturdy than the older technology. Most X stands
have square shaped tubes. The Rockville RKS30X has circular tubes. Our
engineers found that circular tubes are more sturdy and are stronger and
more durable. These can withstand a ton of impact. The weight capacity
of this model is 132 pounds. This is a conservative rating. I weigh 160
pounds (pure muscle of course) and I was able to lean all my body weight
onto this unit with my feet totally in the air and this unit supported
me easily. We rate this at 132 pounds capacity although it can really
handle more than this. The tubing is 1 MM thick. This is thicker than
other similar looking models on the market. We spared no expense in
manufacturing the best quality X stand.
We added thumbs on the
top of the stand where your keyboard sits to ensure your keyboard is
snug and can not fall on the floor accidentally. The rubber feet on
these have ridges so that even if the floor is not level, the stand will
sit sturdy. The rubber feet also will stop the stand from sliding on
slippery floors.
The locking mechanism uses top quality parts
coupled with amazing craftsmanship. These are truly the best built
stands. These are double X braced and can fold up quickly making them
extremely portable and convenient.
Rockville RKS30X Double X Braced Keyboard Stand with Push Button Lock Mechanism
Push Button Mechanism Allows Quick Height Adjustments
Circular Tubes are More Durable and Longer Lasting than Conventional Square Tubing
Rubber Bumpers
Rubber Feet With Ridges Accommodates Unleveled Floors
Folds flat for easy storage and travel
Thumbs for securing keyboard in place
Made of 1MM very thick metal construction
6 height settings, 15.7"-36.6"
Base spread: 15.35"-36.22"
Weight capacity: 132 lbs
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Item Code: RKS30X Korg Kross LS
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Item Information

Item ID: 2822
Sale price: $ 49
location: Mira Loma, California, United States
Last update: 7.10.2021
Views: 2

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Rockville Double X Braced Keyboard Stand+Push Button Lock For Korg Kross LS
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