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Rockville Keyboard Case w/ Wheels+Trolley Handle For Studiologic VMK-161+ Plus

$ 114

Condition:New with tags
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Locking Mechanism:strong zippers
With Wheels:Yes
Keyboard Capacity:61
For Instrument:Electronic Keyboard
Custom Bundle:No
Bundle Description:Keyborard Case

Seller Description

Car Audio & VideoPro AudioMarine AudioLighting
Home/Portable Audio
Rockville Keyboard Case w/ Wheels+Trolley Handle For Studiologic VMK-161+ Plus
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Condition and Warranty
Product Description
Video of ROLLING BAG 61:
Rockville Keyboard Case w/ Wheels+Trolley Handle For Studiologic VMK-161+ PlusBuilt-In Wheels and Handles For Easy Transport2 Large accessory compartments on outsideInterior Length 43"Interior Width 17.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
5"Interior Height 6.0"Exterior Length 46.62"Exterior Width 19.68"Exterior Height 7.86"Weight: 17 lbs.Strong Internal Straps to Keep the Keyboard in placeSkid Bars on the Rear Allow you to place case down without worrying about scratches or anythingRubber barrier on side of case protect it from falling on the sidesExtremely strong zippers to last a lifetimeRugged Nylon Construction Polyethylene Reinforced Interior FrameFully Adjustable Internal Padded Straps to Secure Keyboard in Place During TransportMultiple carry handles allow you to carry the case vertical or horizontalInterior is Lined with Tricot & Soft Foam Built-in wooden plate adds strength and hardness to protect your keyboard from extreme dropsShipping dimensions: 48”*21”*9.5”Shipping Weight: 20 lbsOwner's Manual​​​
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Item Code: ROLLING BAG 61 SPEC 84
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Item Information

Item ID: 986
Sale price: $ 114
location: Inwood, New York, United States
Last update: 17.09.2021
Views: 1

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Rockville Keyboard Case w/ Wheels+Trolley Handle For Studiologic VMK-161+ Plus
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VMK-v161+ VfMK-161+ VMKw-161+ VMKs-161+ VMoK-161+ VMK-16`+ VMK-1x1+ zMK-161+ VxK-161+ VMK-16j1+ ViMK-161+ VMK-161g VMK-u161+ VMK-1s61+ VMK-161h+ vVMK-161+ VMK-1651+ VwK-161+ VtK-161+ VMK-c61+ VMK-16s+ VMK-1i1+ VkMK-161+ iMK-161+ VMK-1g1+ VMzK-161+ fMK-161+ VpMK-161+ VMiK-161+ VMK-l61+ VMK-1r1+ yVMK-161+ VMK-16i+ VMK-1w1+ VMK-x161+ VbK-161+ VMKl161+ VMK-161w+ VMK-161z+ VMz-161+ VmMK-161+ VMKk161+ VMK-161u+ VMKy-161+ VhK-161+ VMK-1o1+ VMK-16u1+ VMK-1611+ VMKh161+ VMK-q61+ VMKf161+ VMK-16p1+ VMK-1661+ VMK-16x+ VMK-1161+ VMK-f61+ jVMK-161+ VMK-g61+ VMK-l161+ VrMK-161+ VMK-16z+ VMK-[161+ VMK-t61+ VMK-1l61+ VMjK-161+ VMK-1y1+ olus Pltus Pluss Plnus pPlus Plsus Pluf Pulus Pluse Plts P.lus Plusz Pjus Plzs mPlus Pjlus Pclus Pyus Pluq bPlus Plusa Plurs Pluys Plux Plpus Pilus Pqus qlus Plua Pl8us Pxus Pnlus Plius Pluqs P;lus Plcus Plvs Plu7s Phus Pl7s Pplus Pluns mlus Pl7us Plps Pglus clus Plwus Pluus nPlus Plcs Plubs rPlus Pvlus Plns Pkus Pqlus Plbus Pcus Pklus Plusw Pluzs fPlus Pl;us llus glus 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