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Rockville SingMix Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier Mixer For Vocopro VX-8 Speakers

$ 209

 for Sale

Audio/Video Inputs:Composite Video RCA, Stereo L/R RCA, TRS/Microphone
MPN:SingMix SP 11
Audio/Video Outputs:Composite Video RCA, Stereo Audio L/R RCA
Country/Region of Manufacture:China
Features:Amplifier, Digital Echo, Equalizer, Memory Card Slot, Rack-Mountable, USB Port
Model:SingMix SP 11

Seller Description

Car Audio & VideoPro AudioMarine AudioLighting
Home/Portable Audio
Rockville SINGMIX 5 2000w Bluetooth DJ/Pro/Karaoke/Home Amplifier Mixer Receiver For Vocopro VX-8 Speakers
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Condition and Warranty
Product Description
How to set up your SingMix 5:
Video of SINGMIX_5:Description ofSingMix 5:The SingMix 5 by Rockville is our all new 2000 Watt karaoke mixing amplifier that has all the latest and greatest features.Big power for professional applicationsThe SingMix 5 boasts 600 watts RMS and 2000 watts of peak output power. This Professional amplifier is loud enough for medium to large size venues. This model features a quiet cooling fan that will keep this amp running cool even if you play it hard and loud for many consecutive hours. The transformer in this amp is huge! This amplifier weighs in at an impressive 18 LBS! Simply put, this is a beast of an amplifier!Sound qualityThis amp is tuned to give you professional sound quality with almost zero distortion! With individual built-in EQ’s for both your music and your microphones you are in complete control. In addition, this amplifier features amazing vocal effects including delay, repeat, and echo controls.
Unmatched playback and expandability options
The SingMix 5 has a wide range of playback options including Bluetooth, USB, SD, and FM radio. It also has (5) ¼” mic inputs (3 on the front and 2 more on the rear). It has (2) RCA Inputs for any audio device like an iPad, Television, DVD player, etc. We also added optical and coax inputs to easily allow you to connect to a TV that does not have an RCA output.
There are 2 sets of RCA outputs. (1) RCA line and record out which allow you to connect a powered sub or another amp and recording device. There is also a Mic output which is a cool feature allowing you to only output the microphones to an external mixer, effects, monitors, etc.Inputs and Outputs:Front: (3) ¼” mic inputs (additional 2 mic inputs on the rear)Front: USB/SD Inputs, built-in Bluetooth, FM radioRear: (2) RCA InputsRear: (2) MIC inputs (there are also 3 mic inputs on the front)optical inputCoaxial inputRCA Outputs (1 master line out and one mic out)Speaker outputs supports 4 speaker or 2 speaker setups (banana or bare wire)Features:Rockville SINGMIX 5 2000 Watt Bluetooth Amplifier/Mixer/ReceiverSpeaker Outputs supports (4) 8 ohm speakers or (2) 8 ohm speakers or (2) 4 ohm speakers (Terminals are banana or bare wire)A and B speaker selector options allows you to split the speakers to 2 zones and turn each zone on or off. When both zones are playing it WILL play in stereoBuilt in Bluetooth with 35 Foot rangeUSB input will play music files from a thumb drive or hard driveSD card playback will play music files stored on a memory cardPrecision tuning with metal knobsMic mixer: 3 front microphone inputs with volume, tone, and echo controlAdditional 2 rear mic inputsAdjustable bass and treble music controlAdjustable bass, mid, and treble mic controlsDelay and repeat effect controlsSets of RCA line/REC outputsSet of RCA mic outputsRemovable 19” Rack mount brackets make this perfect for tabletop use or for rack mount applicationsFull function remote gives you easy access to all the important featuresBuilt in pre-amplifierBuilt in FM radio with manual tuning, and auto-scanBuilt in quiet cooling fanBright blue LED displayPerfect for karaoke, DJ, KJ, home, and commercial applicationsRugged metal housing110V use onlyUnit weight: 17.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
6 lbs (8 kg)Shipping weight: 22 lbs (10 kg)Unit dimensions: 16.9 inch x 13 inch x 5.1 inchSpecifications:RMS @ 4 Ohm less than 1 % THD: 600 Watts RMS (300 x 2)RMS @ 8 Ohm less than 1 % THD: 400 Watts RMS (200 x 2)Peak @ 4 Ohm at 10 % THD: 2,000 Watts Peak (1000 x 2)Peak @ 8 Ohm at 10 % THD: 1,500 Watts Peak (750 x 2)THD: less than 0.5%Input sensitivity: 250mv/47KohmFrequency response: (20Hz-20KHz): ±2dBSignal to noise ratio: >85dbTone characteristic (100Hz-10KHz) ±12dB115V voltage powerOwner's Manual​​
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Item Code: SingMix 2 Vocopro VX-8
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Item Information

Item ID: 1850
Sale price: $ 209
location: Inwood, New York, United States
Last update: 26.09.2021
Views: 1

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Rockville SingMix Bluetooth Karaoke Amplifier Mixer For Vocopro VX-8 Speakers
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