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Roland CY-5 Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad w/Cymbal Arm & Clamp - M3K0763

$ 125

Drum Type:Electronic Cymbal Pad
Type:Drum Pad
Seller Notes:“In Great used condition.”

Seller Description

Roland CY-5 dual trigger cymbal pad. It is most commonly used as a hi hat, but can be used for any cymbal. It comes with a clamp and Cymbal Arm. It is in great used condition. Feel free to ask any questions. Free Shipping to the US.
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Item Information

Item ID: 151
Sale price: $ 125
location: Winter Haven, Florida, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 2
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Roland CY-5 Dual Trigger Cymbal Pad w/Cymbal Arm & Clamp - M3K0763
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