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Selmer Alto/Tenor Saxophone key rollers, low Bb,C Roller sax TS100,AS100,AS300

$ 6

Condition:Open box
Brand:East coast instruments
MPN:Does Not Apply
Seller Notes:“Thinner style rollers, 5 mm that accommodates smaller hinge screws up to 2 mm in diameter. Choose a Listed Length x 5 mm thick (diameter) x 2 (ID-inside diameter for screw).”

Seller Description

Choose from:
- Single long single roller for the Low Bb key.
- Low Eb/D# & C
-Low B & C#164SelmerTenor Saxophone
TS100SelmerTenor Saxophone
AS100SelmerAlto Saxophone
162SelmerAlto Saxophone
AS300SelmerAlto Saxophone

Item Information

Item ID: 595
Sale price: $ 6
location: Columbia, South Carolina, United States
Last update: 12.09.2021
Views: 0

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Selmer Alto/Tenor Saxophone key rollers, low Bb,C Roller sax TS100,AS100,AS300
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