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Selmer Bundy Flute Silver Plated With Carrying Case Serial No 285616

$ 39

 for Sale

Machine Head Material:Silver Plated
Body Material:Silver Plated
Type:Concert Flute
Brand:Selmer bundy
Headjoint Material:Silver Plated
Key Type:Closed Hole
Finish Material:Silver
Riser Material:Silver Plated
Seller Notes:“The flute was previously owned. The flute appears to be in playable condition. There is no visible damage. The keys are mechanically functional. The condition of the felt pads and corks is not brand new but can be seen in the photographs. The silver has not been polished recently. The case is in excellent condition. It has a name J Kohn written on it.”

Seller Description

The item for sale is a silver plated flute that was produced in Elkhart, Indiana by Selmer under the Bundy product line. The flute has 16 closed holes. The flute includes a velvet lined hard case. The serial number is [hidden information]. The flute was previously owned. The flute appears to be in playable condition. There is no visible damage. The keys are mechanically functional. The condition of the felt pads and corks is not brand new but can be seen in the photographs. The flute is priced under the assumption it may need some refurbishment. The silver has not been polished recently. The case is in excellent condition. It has a name J Kohn written on it.

Item Information

Item ID: 1869
Sale price: $ 39
location: Glenside, Pennsylvania, United States
Last update: 26.09.2021
Views: 0

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Selmer Bundy Flute Silver Plated With Carrying Case Serial No 285616
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