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Selmer Bundy Standard Closed Hole Student Flute (#612) School Band! MSRP $915!

$ 276

Condition:Seller refurbished
Custom Bundle:Yes
Body Material:Nickel Silver
MPN:Does Not Apply
Model:FL-600 "Aristocrat" or "Bundy"
Modified Item:No
Key Type:Standard Closed Hole Design w/ C Foot
Bundle Description:Comes as a bundle with the case, flute rod, and a complete flute care and maintenance kit.
Experience Level:Student Level
Riser Material:Nickel Silver
Design:Standard Closed Hole
Country/Region of Manufacture:United States
Headjoint Material:Sterling Silver Plated Nickel Silver
Machine Head Material:Nickel Silver
Type:Concert Flute
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“This wonderful flute has been run through our shop for servicing. Everything is now working exactly as it should... and it's ready to play!! All of the pads are soft and supple, the keys are tight and snappy, and the instrument is in beautiful condition all the way around!”

Seller Description

Closed Hole Flute
Beautiful and ready to play!
School Bands, Teacher Approval,Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!
First, a quick word about me and the instruments I sell.I was a public school music teacher for ten years, and I alwayshated the local music stores that would talk people into purchasinginstruments on a "rent-to-own" plan! These plans are just terrible, soI began helping my students to locate instruments and avoid theusual price gouging that I hated so much! Well, this quicklyturned into a very successful business for me, and I'vebeen doing this full-time from my home fora little over 35 years now!
All of the instruments I sell are the kind that kids usein school band programs all across America. I sell each oneas a complete kit with the mouthpiece, case, and all of the suppliesa student needs to play in their school band. All of my instruments arefully serviced and ready to play, and they come with an unconditionalmoney back guarantee! Rest assured that your school's bandteacher will approve this instrument with flying colors, asI have never had a single instrument turned down bya school music teacher. You can buy from me withabsolute confidence knowing that I have
takencare of all the details for you!
Selmer "Bundy"student modelflutesare
designed for terrific response and ease of playing.These Selmer flutes are built with the beginning musicianin mind. They are easy to play and offer great quality
at a very affordable price. The features includea silver plated head, body and foot, withribbed construction, an offset G keyand C foot, and the standard"closed hole" type keys.
Silver plated headjoint and bodyTop-adjusting silver plated mechanismwith Offset G and C footjoint.
(inventory #612, serial #[hidden information])
This instrument has been throughour shop for servicing and any needed
adjustments have been done.
The keys are tight and snappy, and
everything is working just as it should.
All of our instruments are put intoperfect playing condition before
they are ever listed on Ebay!
All of the keys are oiled and adjusted,and then each instrument is "play tested"to make certain that everything isworking perfectly right fromthe moment it arrivesat your door!
This particular flute is in great condition
both mechanically and cosmetically as well.
It has been serviced and is now ready for
many years of musical pleasure!
Case, Supplies, Feedback and
Contact Information
To speak with me directly, simply click on "Contact Seller"and then select "Other" from the drop down menu. You'll thensee a link that provides you with my personal phone number.I'm always very happy to answer your questions and givehelpful advice on purchasing a musical instrumentregardless of where you choose to buy it from!
Please be sure to look closely at all of the high qualitypictures to see for yourself what a nice instrument this is.I also invite you to check out my feedback as a seller hereon Ebay to see what kinds of things my many happy buyersalways say about my instruments and the way I do business.I have conducted literally thousands of sales here on Ebaywithout even one single unhappy customer, and I routinelyreceive some of the very best feedback you'll ever see!
This instrument is being sold as a complete bundle with anice protective case and all of the basic supplies at no extracost. If you've been thinking of purchasing a high qualityinstrument such as this, please feel free to message orcall me with any questions you might have, make mea reasonable offer, or simply Buy-it-Now Today!
Super Fast Shipping!
We are now shipping all orders by USPS Priority Mail.
All of our instruments are packed withextreme care,and wealways ship them out just as soonas possible afteryourpaymenthas beenmade. Wetypically chargeonly about halfof whatitactually costs usfor shipping andhandling.This is ourfriendly wayofroughly splitting these costs with you!Any and all international sales will be shipped
throughEbay's Global Shipping Program.
AboutMy BusinessTexas Brasswinds sells all kinds of wind instrumentsfrom many of the worlds finest makers.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
We carry instruments from Bach,Benge, Yamaha, Schilke, Edwards, Eclipse, Stomvi, Taylor, Lawler,Monette,Marcikiewicz,Blackburn, Buffet, Selmer,Leblanc, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt,Noblet, Vito, Emerson,King, Holton, and Conn... just to name a few!We've now been in business for over 35 years, specializing in all kinds offine brass and woodwind instruments, and we take great pride in what we do!Check out ourgreat feedback andsee what our customers say about us!Come and visitour Ebay Store too...We get new items in all the time!
Tom Hartfield Enterprises
Please feel free to google my business if you like, or send us amessagethrough Ebay's system withany questions you may have.Providing great customer service is very important to us, andwe look forward to helping you with the purchase an
instrument that's just right for you!

Item Information

Item ID: 2657
Sale price: $ 276
location: Grand Prairie, Texas, United States
Last update: 6.10.2021
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Contact Information

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Selmer Bundy Standard Closed Hole Student Flute (#612) School Band! MSRP $915!
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