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Selmer Signet Solid-Coin-Silver flute, Very Good (but ding lip-plate), case. USA

$ 379

Body Material:Silver
Experience Level:Intermediate
Type:Soprano Flute
Set Includes:Case
Headjoint Material:Silver
Key Type:Closed Hole
MPN:Signet Coin-Silver
Riser Material:Silver Plated
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Selmer Signet Solid-Coin-Silver flute with Signet case. Made in USA. The body section is marked Coin-Silver, and it feels very heavy. Very good condition, but one ding on the lip-plate of the mouthpiece (left side). All keys depress and rebound properly. Good key pads.”

Seller Description

Selmer Signet Solid-Coin-Silver flute with Signet case. Made in USA. The body section is marked Coin-Silver, and it feels very heavy. Very good condition, but one ding on the lip-plate of the mouthpiece (left side). All keys depress and rebound properly. Good key pads. Free shipping to the continental U.S.

Item Information

Item ID: 170
Sale price: $ 379
location: Chantilly, Virginia, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
Views: 0
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Selmer Signet Solid-Coin-Silver flute, Very Good (but ding lip-plate), case. USA
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