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Selmer Signet Special Advanced Clarinet, New Pads, Vandoren Mouthpiece, Nice!

$ 349

Condition:Seller refurbished
Body Material:Wood
Set Includes:Case, Mouthpiece
Experience Level:Advanced
Type:Bb Soprano
Design:Boehm System
Seller Notes:“See item description”

Seller Description

Welcome to Ashantee Music!Matching Exceptional Students With Quality Instruments
One of several clarinets we are offering for sale. This one is a Selmer Signet Special
intermediate Bb clarinet. The Special is the best of the three Signet models,
with a very good grenadilla body and metal-capped middle and lower tenons to
resist cracking. This one has moderate
plating wear which still polishes up pretty nicely as seen in the photos, and
no cracks, chips, or repairs. It has
just been through the shop where it was cleaned, bore oiled, lubricated, new
pads installed, adjusted, and play tested.
Comes with a Vandoren 5RV lyre mouthpiece, a modified D. Bonade
ligature, older metal mouthpiece cap, lyre, and 2 Vandoren V12 3.5 reeds. Cork grease is for local pickup only. All in an excellent Gator case with zippered
pocket. An excellent instrument for your
advancing student, and at less than a year’s rental for that student horn.Ashantee Music is a family-owned business serving musicians of all levels for almost twenty years. We started as a worship ministry, and our passion remains equipping young church musicians with more than they could ask or imagine. Look us up, and find out who we are!10% of our profits supports Mulberry International, a ministry which provides food, clothing, shelter, and education in the name of Christ to at-risk children and families in war-torn Ukraine. Please ask us about how to join in this amazing partnership!We arealways happy to consider reasonable offers on our auctions.Purchases:We strive to be accurate and detailed in our descriptions. If you have any questions or concerns about a listing, please ask questions prior to bidding. Photographs are considered a binding part of an item description.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
Shipping:Items are shipped after receipt and clearance of your payment. We try to ship far ahead of the handling time listed in the auction. Note that with international shipping, not all countries provide door-to-door tracking; therefore, buyer assumes full liability for item after leaving the United States.Returns:We have zero unhappy customers, and we have offered hassle-free returns for almost twenty years. Unfortunately, due to rampant abuse of eBay's automated returns, and since PayPal no longer refunds sales fees, we have had to revise our return policy. (1) If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact usPRIOR to initiating a return via eBayand allow us to address your concerns. Many items such as clarinets and oboes come out of adjustment during the shipping process, and can be easily tweaked by your local technician. We are happy to talk you through this process. (2) Items may be returned for any reasonat your expensewithin seven days of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price less shipping and eBay fees, which are not refundable. If on receipt we are able to verify the itemto besignificantly different than described, we will additionally refund original shipping, PayPal fees, and your return shipping to maximum of $30.00.Non-paying Bidders:We reserve the right to relist or otherwise dispose of any item if payment is not received with three days of the auction close.

Item Information

Item ID: 2639
Sale price: $ 349
location: Dry Ridge, Kentucky, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021
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Selmer Signet Special Advanced Clarinet, New Pads, Vandoren Mouthpiece, Nice!
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