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Selmer Student Oboe Outfit With Low Bb

$ 3639

Set Includes:Case
Type:Baroque Oboe

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Selmer Student Oboe Outfit With Low Bb 1492FB
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The 1492FB silver plated oboe has basic conservatory key system with newly designed French arms is fluid, light to the touch and easily maintained. The addition of highly contoured cork pads make for a student level oboe with response like no other. Range to low B. Features: Left-hand F key, Low Bb Key, Resonite body with wood grain finish, Basic conservatory system to low B, Silver plated Keys
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Item ID: 1062
Sale price: $ 3639
location: Ontario, California, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
Views: 1

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Selmer Student Oboe Outfit With Low Bb
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