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Selmer USA Student Oboe

$ 499


Seller Description

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ MY AUCTION TERMS.My Feedback rating is 100% and I do my best to accurately describe my items for sale.Due to the nature of many of my Items (i.e. VINTAGE), returns may or may not be accepted - unless there is a blatant misrepresentation on my part.PayPal payment is due immediately -within 48 hours of Auction's end.NO EXCEPTIONS.No zero (0) feedback bidders - NO EXCEPTIONS. I will only ship to your PayPal verified address - NO EXCEPTIONS. Non-paying bidders will be reported & blocked from bidding on my Auctions. Please bear in mind that while selling on Ebay is important to me, it is not my primary source of income, and as such, I have a 3 day handling provision (from receipt of your payment). USA SHIPPING ONLY.USPS Priority Insured ORFedEx Insured Shipping, based on your location & best practical shipping method. If you have a P.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
O. BOX, the ONLY Shipping Method will be USPS.NO INTERNATIONAL - SHIPPING.PLEASE READ! I do offer EBay's Global Shipping Program - if your Country is listed, or you can place a bid, then you can buy from me.If you have a Non-US Ebay Registration, buthave a PayPal VERIFIED, Continental USA Shipping Address, I will sell to you. Please contact me, WHEN YOU BID, if this is your situation. If I don't know that you have a USA address, Imay cancel your bid.Thanks! Chris >

Item Information

Item ID: 473
Sale price: $ 499
location: Fort Worth, Texas, United States
Last update: 11.09.2021
Views: 1

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Selmer USA Student Oboe
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