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Shure AMS24 & AMS28 Microphones and RKC190 Line Level Interface

$ 65

Form Factor:Gooseneck
Connectivity:XLR 3 Pin

Seller Description

Shure AMS24 & AMS28 Microphones. Included are 2 AMS24 14” gooseneck microphones, 4 AMS28 lavalier microphones, 1 RKC190 AMS Interface, and zipper pouch. All are used and have 3 pin XLR connectors. These microphones only work with Shure AMS (Automatic Microphone System) systems.
AMS24-Low vibration and hum sensitivity-frequency response tailored for voice-Cardioid polar pattern-pop filter grille reduces sensitivity to explosive breath sounds-14” flexible gooseneck
AMS28-Microphone only activates for sounds originating within + 65° of front axis-Low vibration and hum sensitivity-Frequency response tailored for voice-Cardoid polar pattern-Acoustically optimized for chest-worn or tabletop mic stand operation-Extremely flexible long-life 21” cable
RKC190The RKC190 AMS interface connects a line-level output, such as that from a wireless microphone re- ceiver, to a microphone input of a Shure AMS mixer. It features an adjustable threshold gate.

Item Information

Item ID: 65
Sale price: $ 65
location: Crystal Lake, Illinois, United States
Last update: 7.09.2021
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Shure AMS24 & AMS28 Microphones and RKC190 Line Level Interface
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