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Shure Beta 87C Condenser Microphone - New Old Stock, Free Shipping

$ 249

Model:Shure Beta 87C
Connector(s):XLR 3 Pin
Type:Dynamic Microphone
Form Factor:Condenser Microphone
MPN:Shure Beta 87C
Polar Pattern:Cardioid
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Shure Beta 87C Condenser Microphone - New Old Stock, Free Shipping
The Shure BETA 87C is a high output condenser microphone that provides touring professionals with studio-quality sound. Vocalists who use in-ear monitor systems such as the Shure PSM Personal Monitor System will appreciate how effectively the BETA87C rejects ambient sound from the rear of the microphone. It maintains its cardioid pattern throughout its frequency range, ensuring maximum isolation from other sound sources and high gain before feedback. Its warm, natural sound is the result of an exceptionally smooth frequency response that includes a slight presence rise. A controlled low-frequency roll-off compensates for proximity effect and prevents the "boomy" sound often with close-up use.The BETA 87C is an excellent choice for professional studio recording, yet it is built to withstand the rigors of touring. It maintains its performance characteristics even at sound pressure levels as high as 139 dB SPL. Plus, the cartridge is protected by a proven shock mount system. A hardened steel mesh grille with a built-in pop filter provides added protection.
FeaturesSmooth, wide frequency response with slight presence rise
Cardioid polar pattern for maximum isolationMinimal off-axis tone coloration
Superior gain before feedbackAdvanced pneumatic shock mound system that minimizes transmission of mechanical noise and vibrationHardened steel mesh grille that facilitates use of proximity effect
Wide dynamic range (117dB)
Low distortion characteristicsVery low susceptibility to RFI and electromagnetic humAdvanced cartridge shock-mount system absorbs mechanical shocks and reduces handling noiseBuilt-in pop filter reduced wind and breath soundsShure ruggedness and reliability for years of trouble-free preformance
This microphone has been stored in our warehouse for 10+ years. The microphone is in new condition with no dents or scratches and it sounds great.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
It comes with a stand adapter, zipper pouch, and manual in original box.
We offer a 7 day guarantee. If the mic does not work or quits within 7 days of receipt, we will repair or refund your money at our discretion. Free Shipping!
(within the Continental United States only)

Item Information

Item ID: 241
Sale price: $ 249
location: North Hollywood, California, United States
Last update: 8.09.2021
Views: 0
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Shure Beta 87C Condenser Microphone - New Old Stock, Free Shipping
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