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Shure BLX1288/MX153 MX153 Headworn Microphone & SM58 Transmitter H10

$ 775

Form Factor:Combo
UPC:Does not apply

Seller Description

Shure offers the BLX1288/MX153 Dual-Channel Wireless Combo Earset & Handheld Microphone System (J11: 596 to 616 MHz)The BLX1288/MX153 is a cost-effective wireless earset and handheld combo microphone system for two presenters, speakers, teachers or lecturers. It offers quality sound, simple setup, and dependable performance right out of the box. The system features the compact and lightweight BLX88 dual-channel tabletop receiver with internal antennas, ideal for portable use.This BLX1288/MX153 combo offers a flexible solution by including a bodypack transmitter with an MX153 omnidirectional lavalier mic and a handheld transmitter equipped with the legendary SM58 cardioid dynamic capsule. The earset offers a comfortable and secure fit for hands-free operation, while the handheld mic is ideal in situations where you don't have time to position a lavalier mic or you need to quickly pass the mic between several people.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
The receiver features one-touch QuickScan frequency selection to quickly search 123 available frequencies and locate a clean RF channel in case of interference. The system provides up to 14 hours of continuous use with four AA batteries at a range up to 300'. Up to 12 mic channels can operate simultaneously in each frequency band.This streamlined wireless system is well suited for presentations and events in small venues, wedding halls, and houses of worship as well as conference, educational, and corporate facilities.

Item Information

Item ID: 9
Sale price: $ 775
location: Verona, Wisconsin, United States
Last update: 5.09.2021
Views: 5
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Shure BLX1288/MX153 MX153 Headworn Microphone & SM58 Transmitter H10
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