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Shure DualDyne Dynamic Mic DualDyne Dynamic Handheld NKL

$ 399

 for Sale

Form Factor:Dynamic Microphone

Seller Description

Product highlightsGeneral Features:dual-diaphragm dynamic microphonedesigned for lead and backup vocalscardioid pattern for noise rejection and feedback resistancepneumatic shock mount system rejects external noise and vibrationdie-cast steel body and hardened steel mesh grilleSpecifications:frequency response: 50-15,000 Hzsensitivity: -54.5 dBV/Paoutput impedance: 300 ohmsweight: 11.64 ozmale XLR connectorincluded Accessories:storage bagadjustable stand adapterOther Info:warranty: 2 yearsWhat's in the boxCardioid dynamic microphone (brushed nickel finish) Microphone clip 5/8"-to-3/8" Thread adapter (installed in clip) Semi-hard clamshell zippered case User Guide Limited Warranty sheet Safety PrecautionsAbout this itemWritten by Crutchfield's Ken NailWorld's first dual-diaphragm dynamic handheld mic Everybody claims they've got something new and better. But Shure backs up the talk with a mic that's truly a leap forward. The KSM8 dual-diaphragm microphone combines the exceptional performance and sound quality of a high-end studio mic with the road-worthy durability of a time-tested dynamic model. The secret is a ground-breaking dual-diaphragm design that combines two ultra-thin diaphragms with a new reverse airflow design.
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The KSM8 is built tough, with a carbon steel grille (black finish shown). Incredibly even response This design virtually eliminates the proximity effect, the low-frequency boost that most dynamic mics produce when you sing right up on the screen. You'll appreciate this mic's outstanding stability, excellent off-axis performance, and a flat frequency response that minimizes the need for EQ or compression. Your choice when you need the best Whether it's for a lead singer or a top-end corporate event, the KSM8 will excel. The mic's cardioid pattern and large sweet spot guarantees an incredibly natural sound, and the microphone's sensitivity is stellar whether the incoming signal is low or high. Shure quality throughout The KSM8 is precision engineered with the attention to detail you expect from Shure. The hardened carbon steel grille is lined with water-resistant fabric that protects against wind, water, and pops. Inside the mic a patent-pending stabilization system minimizes handling noise while still providing exceptional low-end response. Reliability? Shure built its reputation on mics that will always answer the call when it's show time.

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Item ID: 1077
Sale price: $ 399
location: Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Last update: 18.09.2021
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Shure DualDyne Dynamic Mic DualDyne Dynamic Handheld NKL
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