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Shure TwinPlex TH53 Subminiature Headset Microphone (Cocoa, LEMO)

$ 599

 for Sale


Seller Description

The TwinPlex TH53 offers the natural sound of the TwinPlex element combined with the ease of an ultra-light and fully adjustable headset frame. With an innovative clutch system, the TH53 headset allows for quick adjustment in boom arm length and pitch-all with a simple turn of a knob. Plus, switchable sides and a durable 1.6 mm cable with redundant ground round out this professional headset that overachieves in reliability, audio quality, and comfort.
Comfortable, lightweight, and fully adjustable headset for use in theater, broadcast, and speech applications.The innovative clutch system allows for fast boom arm length and pitch adjustment.Best-in-class low self-noise and dynamic range for cleaner audio production.The dual redundant ground in cable serves as a secondary shield for longevity.Improved off-axis consistency yields accurate reproduction regardless of vocal source position or movement. Read More In dialogue or monologue. Song or speech. A single word can affect the whole story. Shure TwinPlex stands up to the toughest conditions to make every word a clear statement of quality. Natural audio at high or low frequency, the innovative dual-diaphragm captures the complete weight of your voice. And the capsule design maximizes effective surface area in an easy-to-conceal package. So sound suits performer, not the other way around.
No more “sweat-outs.” The superhydrophobic coating keeps perspiration from upstaging the sound. And the medical-grade cable technology flexes to fit the costume design and the demanding schedule. So your headset rises to the challenge, night after night. Read Less Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 - 4-channel DJ Mixer with Effects$2,199.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
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Item Information

Item ID: 2578
Sale price: $ 599
location: Los Angeles, California, United States
Last update: 5.10.2021
Views: 1

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Shure TwinPlex TH53 Subminiature Headset Microphone (Cocoa, LEMO)
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