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Shure UR124D+ two ur2(mint) + beta58a two ur1(mint) two antenna J5 578-638 MHz

$ 1890

Type:Microphone Receiver
MPN:Does Not Apply

Seller Description

It isShure UR124D+ Dual Wireless Receiver J5 578-638 MHz
working great. all transmitters are mint condition.It is included lists below(1) Shure UR4D+ ReceiverJ5 578-638 MHz(1) Power supply(2) Antenna(2) Shure UR1 BodypackJ5 578-638 MHz*Mint Condition* with clip(2) Shure UR2 HandheldJ5 578-638 MHz*Mint Condition* include new beta58a capsule
Thank you.

Item Information

Item ID: 285
Sale price: $ 1890
location: Auburn, Washington, United States
Last update: 9.09.2021
Views: 0
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Shure UR124D+ two ur2(mint) + beta58a two ur1(mint) two antenna J5 578-638 MHz
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