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Vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 Refinished w All Original Electronics

$ 4000

Type:Electric Guitar
Model:Les Paul Junior
Series:Gibson Les Paul
Seller Notes:“Good”

Seller Description

Vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4Refinished
With All Original Electronics And Hardware
Weight: 7lbs 2oz
0.91" 1st fret 1.10" 12th fret
Nut: 1.57"
Serial # N/A
Includes Non Original Hard Case
This rare and superb playing 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 with all original electronics and in excellent condition for its age. The body is exactly the same as the full-scale Junior except the neck is 3 frets shorter. The playability is superb, the neck has a chunky profile just as you'd expect in a 58 Junior. The electronics are all original with untouched solder joints, an amazing and hot P-90 pickup, volume & tone pots and original Sprague "Bumble-bee" capacitor. This guitar is amazing sounding and has a full size body with a slightly shorter neck designed for physically smaller players. The guitar was nicely re-finished and the serial number is gone along with the original finish. Surely a cool piece and loaded with amazing tone that just oozes Mojo!
It has just been professionally set up and dialed in for optimal playability and tone. It has low action with no buzzing or dead spots and is an absolute joy to play. It has been deep cleaned and detailed. All guitars will arrive looking and playing great.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
The frets have been dressed/polished and the fingerboard was cleaned. (Unfinished Rosewood and Ebony boards get treated with Fret Doctor - a proprietary all natural oil that is the best on the market) It was professionally set up and has brand new strings, the action was adjusted, the intonation is spot on and it plays excellent. All the electronics work flawlessly.
Neck is perfectly straight and the truss rod works with no issues
Intonation is spot-on
It has been professionally set up with nice low action & new American made strings.
If needed, the frets will be dressed leveled & crowned
All frets are polished prior to shipping when they are set up - They will shine like new!
***Please note that international shipping prices listed are minimum quotes in some cases. Certain countries are more expensive and will require additional shipping costs. Express services such as UPS, DHL & FedEx are also available, Please contact me for a personalized quote.
About UsThe Guitar Dude is a THREE time and Current 2021 NAMM Top 100 Dealer in the worldwho has been selling some of the nicest guitars on the planet since 2010. Known for the most Killer Flame Top Gibson 1959 Les Pauls Reissues and classic Fender guitars of all eras. I make beautiful guitar porn, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter@TheGuitarDudeOften copied & imitated, but never duplicated.
Like what you see? Let me go to work for you.I offer the best consignment sales on the planet! Find me online, just look forThe Guitar DudeTo discuss ALL your options including: NO TAXES, for in-hand description, to propose a consignment sale or anything else please contact me directly or use the contact form on my website.Just google The Guitar Dude.
Terms For Returns7 day return policy as per Reverb guidelines, BUT intentions of the return must be communicated in writing within 3 day of receiving the guitar as indicated by the tracking. Unless the guitar is not as described, ORIGINAL/RETURN SHIPPING CHARGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. The guitar MUST BE RETURNED IN THE EXACT CONDITION it was received or it is subject to a restocking fee. I am not a big chain shop, I hope you understand.
Payment - Shipping - International orders - Import Duties
I accept many forms of payment including PayPal Credit & Affirm. I always pack extremely well and ship within the USA via UPS or Fedex, all packages are fully insured with tracking & signature confirmation.
I offer a super relaxed layaway plan on certain guitars, that can be custom built to fit your budget and needs. It can be extended beyond 30 days in certain situations. If you are interested in a layaway plan, please contact me for full details.

Item Information

Item ID: 1440
Sale price: $ 4000
location: Pompano Beach, Florida, United States
Last update: 22.09.2021
Views: 1

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Vintage 1958 Gibson Les Paul Junior 3/4 Refinished w All Original Electronics
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