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Vintage Bontempi 25 Keys Organ Instrument + Music Book 1979 - SEE DEMO VIDEO!

$ 42

Seller Notes:“Great vintage condition! All keys play and work fine. There is a slight delay when playing the keys, especially on the higher notes, due to its running on air. The organ doesn't play multiple notes simultaneously very well, but I believe the organ is designed to played with one hand and one note at a time. The organ exhibits some wear and marks due to age. The music book is in good condition and also shows some wear from age. The organ comes in its original box. The box is worn and marked, especially around the edges. See photos for more details.”
Non-Domestic Product:No
Custom Bundle:No
Modified Item:No
Exact Year:1979
Country/Region of Manufacture:Canada
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Great vintage condition! All keys play and work fine. There is a slight delay when playing the keys, especially on the higher notes, due to its running on air. The organ doesn't play multiple notes simultaneously very well, but I believe the organ is designed to played with one hand and one note at a time. The organ exhibits some wear and marks due to age. The music book is in good condition and also shows some wear from age. The organ comes in its original box. The box is worn and marked, especially around the edges. See photos for more details.”

Seller Description

Great vintage condition!Fully tested! See video link below!Bontempi Organ has 25 total keys (15 white keys and 10 black keys)Comes with easy-play music book and 2 detachable standsBattery-operated (takes 3 "D" batteries, not included)Originally designed for ages 4 - 8Made in Canada*See condition description, photos and demo video for more details:
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Item Information

Item ID: 2568
Sale price: $ 42
location: Bradenton, Florida, United States
Last update: 4.10.2021
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Vintage Bontempi 25 Keys Organ Instrument + Music Book 1979 - SEE DEMO VIDEO!
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