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Vintage Harry Pedler Elkhart TRUMPET Parts

$ 99

Condition:For parts or not working
MPN:Does Not Apply
Experience Level:Beginner
Seller Notes:“Well used faded worn dings marks scrapes all over missing parts DENTED BELL YOU RESTORE”

Seller Description

DENTED DAMAGED BELL POOR ROUGH CONDITON WELL USED CONDITION MISSING PARTS WORN AREAS dings dents HEAVY USAGE WEAR ALL OVER BENT DENTED BELL SMASHED BELL RUSTY DISCOLORATION ALL OVER AS SHOWN Well used faded worn dings marks scratches all over NO CASE NO mouthpiece FINISH loss ALL OVER HORNdents dented dings nicks finish loss and wear all over offered asis as found no warranty no refunds no returns. If you find a problem you must fix it.

Item Information

Item ID: 842
Sale price: $ 99
location: Windsor Mill, Maryland, United States
Last update: 15.09.2021
Views: 0

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Vintage Harry Pedler Elkhart TRUMPET Parts
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