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Vintage Hohner Model 300 Accordion in Very Good Condition - Make an Offer!!

$ 300

Seller Notes:“Used but in very good condition. Please see pictures and description for details.”
UPC:Does not apply
Seller Notes:“Used but in very good condition. Please see pictures and description for details.”

Seller Description

This Hohner model 300 accordion is in really nice condition with no damage or noticeable scratches in the finish.
We believe that this accordion was made pre-WWII because of its design, but it may be quite a bit older than that. The serial number is #153XXX.
Information about for sale on this page. See price and photos of the
keyboard is two full octaves from C to C and it has twelve buttons. It's in
very nice condition and everything works well on it. We've tested to make sure
all the keys and buttons work properly and that the bellows is in good
The case shows signs of wear but is structurally sound, with
no significant damage to the wood. The handle, latches and hinges all work as
they should.All reasonable offers considered.Please ask any questions before purchase.Our
store has been in continuous business in Indianapolis, IN, USA since 1948. We
specialize in new and used musical instrument sales and our full service repair
shop can and has fixed almost every type of instrument. We take great pride in
the quality of or work and the friendliness of our staff. If you have any
questions about items for sale on EBay or anything else, please let us know.
We're always happy to help.If you are the winning bidder, please
do not make any payments until checking with us, the seller. The shipping calculator provided by eBay is
only approximate and does not seem to account for insurance and other costs.Shipping Methods: Domestic (within the continental US) packages are
typically shipped via UPS Ground or USPS, with the buyer paying for ground
shipping and insurance. International packages that meet size requirements are
typically shipped via USPS Priority Mail International, with the buyer paying
for shipping and insurance charges plus a small handling fee. If you are buying
a mouthpiece, do not ask for us to ship it via USPS’s mailing envelope - this
is not enough to protect the mouthpiece. WE WILL USE A BOX. Seller Accepted Payment Methods: Within the continental US – PayPal is
preferred, however we will also accept VISA or Mastercard. All Indiana sales
are subject to 7% state sales tax. International sales – Only PayPal will be
accepted. Once PayPal confirms the payment and tells me it's ok to ship, your
item will ship within the next business day. PLEASE CHECK WITH SELLER BEFORE
INSURANCE.See more pictures and information about
this and many more items at
. com#669 Ebay VBI

Item Information

Item ID: 2363
Sale price: $ 300
location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Last update: 1.10.2021
Views: 3

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Vintage Hohner Model 300 Accordion in Very Good Condition - Make an Offer!!
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